Sabelt GT-Pad Modular Racing Seat System

Sabelt GT Pad with description

For experienced racing drivers around the world, “A well fitted racing position and seat is worth 2.5 seconds per lap on a good circuit”. The racing seat sometimes is an item in the race car that could easily be overlooked, it needs to give the driver the perfect feedback with what the race car is doing and allowing the driver to quickly response with the right driver input to maximise the performance of the race car.

In a formula car the seat can be moulded to the driver with foam, but in a GT or a Touring car is is more difficult to get this kind of customisation to fit the driver. The first ever Sabelt GR-Pad modular racing seat system was develop for this purpose.

Sabelt GT Pad Kit and On Demand

The shell is covered by velvet with high resistance. The pad kits are available separately, in different combination, thickness and sizes. It is possible to customize the seat according to the different sizes of padding and by colour. Also the pad kits are available upon request with customised graphics and foam thickness.

This Sabelt GT-Pad modular racing seat system gives you a hybrid system seat with features from the best of both worlds; FIA mounted racing seat in a GT/Touring car, and tailored cushion in modular format for personalised fitting for different body shapes.


• Shell in VTR developed using the know-how acquired thanks to the world’s leading experiences GT and WRC.
• Integrated head protection system
• Shoulders and hips designed according to the requirements of Regulation 8862 to improve the driver’s safety
• Rear structural reinforcement
• Ergonomic foam sections studied with CAD simulations and tested by our professional drivers to improve driving comfort.
• ADS-Air Ducting System: obtained thanks to the separation of the pad improves air circulation by increasing the seat’s breathability and improving driving performance.

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