Ferrari 488 Challenge x Vbox HD2 fully integrated with CAN Bus data logging

Ferrari Challenge APAC (Asia Pacific) has been the one of the leading race series\n in Asia, with their race calendar to highly desirable venues. Staring from Melbourne (Australia), Hampton Downs (New Zealand), Shanghai (China), Fuji and Suzuka (Japan), Singapore, Monza – Finali Mondiali in Italy. With the 5 different F1 race tracks, it is one of the most desirable race series in Asia Pacific.

The pinnacle of the racing action is focused on the Ferrari 488 Challenge, the full spec’d race car with a V8 turbo engine pushing 661hp @ 8,000rpm and mammoth of torque 561lb/ft @ 3,000rpm. Fully developed aero helps the car with down force and stability.

We have developed a New Vbox Video HD2 package specifically for Ferrari 488 Challenge, for Easy Integration and Cockpit Style Customised Graphics. You can maximising the capability of data and video logging and analysis for reviewing and sharing around the world.

Ferrari 488 Challenge Dash by Grid

  • Customised “Cockpit” graphic, based on the digital dash display of the race car, the design layout has been customised just like you were in the car. The racing dash was specifically design for the Ferrari 488 Challenge featuring: –
    • “Swing bar” for RPM display, with variable counters at specific RPM ranges
    • Centralised gear and speed display for easy reading
    • Traction control 1 & 2 and ABS setting same as the race car
    • Best, Last, Current times and Lap count for easy reference
    • Water Temperature display and G Force meter

RLACS182 close-500x500-2

  • Clip-On CAN Bus interface, contra to the common OBD II connection recommendations, this method uses CAN operating at any voltage and being Omni-directional, this cable will ensure that no intrusive signals are broadcast onto a vehicle CAN bus, preventing the risk of transmitting unwanted data onto the vehicle’s CAN bus, which is the rare cases might cause warning lights to appear on the dash.

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Ferrari 488 Challenge CAN Bus Available Channels:

  • ABS Switch Position
  • Accelerator Pedal Position
  • Air Pressure, Brake Pressure
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Engine Speed
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Fuel Level
  • Gear
  • Indicated Lateral Acceleration
  • Indicated Longitudinal Acceleration
  • Indicated Vehicle Speed
  • Steering Angle
  • Steering Rate
  • Throttle Position
  • Traction Control Switch 1 Position
  • Traction Control Switch 2 Position
  • Wheel Speed FR
  • Wheel Speed FL
  • Wheel Speed RR
  • Wheel Speed RL
  • Yaw Rate

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