Solo 2 DL – LED Usage Part 2


Since the last articles about Solo 2 LED usage with predictive lap time function, we go further into details for the NEW Solo 2 DL with the added function of LED light used as shift lights.

With the NEW Solo 2 DL and its ability to connect to OEM and racing ECU, it is one of the best GPS and data logger in the market for a one box solution to your data logging needs. With the integrated battery in the Solo 2 DL is also able to run on its own and be swap between car to car easily.

As most of the cars after 2000′ runs on a standard OBD port for a selection of essential data, we can usually log; RPM, Throttle, ECT (Engine coolant temperature), Gear etc. From this data it helps the driver and instructor to analysis driving data for better performance.

With the RPM data, Solo 2 DL can also be used as a gear shift indicator, 10 customisable colour coded LED lights (5 each side of the Solo 2 DL) you can have a clear display of the shift indication, in the example we are running a Honda Fit race car using a shift indicator setup from 5600rpm for the first pair of lights running up to 6800rpm with all 10 lights, and above this rpm the lights will flash. You can totally customise the rpm setting in the Race Studio 3 software which comes free with the AIM Solo 2 DL.


For the page setup, there are quite a few options, the display can be showing from 1-4 customisable values. Here is a piece of advise for race and track-day use, we would setup the display with at least 3 pages with the Solo 2 DL:

  • Qualify Page, with Best Lap Time data on top and +/- Best Lap Predictive Time so the driver would know whether he is pushing for a better time for save for next lap
  • Big Lap Display, for general use in a race situation when he is trying to run consistent laps
  • Data page, normally for endurance where the driver needs to keep a close eye on the essential data like ECT, fuel level, intake air temperature, etc.

Check out the full details of the NEW Solo 2 DL here.

For more information about the technical integration to your car, you can email us:

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