Cross Integration: Vbox Video HD2 with AIM CAN Data Bus

New development of Vbox Video HD2 has cooperated with AIM CAN bus data, this make use of race cars like Seat Leon, VW Golf, Audi RS3 TCR race cars, pre-2017 Formula Renault and all races car equipped with AIM dash, data logger or even ECU bridge available with a very simple one cable integration with Vbox Video HD2.

Channels available from AIM output includes: RPM, Speed, Gear, Throttle, Brake, Engine Coolant Temperature, Oil Temperature, Oil Pressure, Battery and much more. These important information will be captured along with the Vbox Video files for more in depth analysis through the popular video + data analysis software – Circuit Tools.


Here we run the installation with our newly rebuilt Honda Civic Type R FN2 BTCC race car. It is equipped with Motec M1 ECU, with CAN communication to the AIM MXS dash data logger. AIM MXS data logger then compute the ECU data and outputs the next level CAN signal for video integration, in this example the GPS08 runs on the same AIM CAN layer with the video data CAN, hence we split the CAN signal in the data hub for Vbox Video HD2 integration.


Software Setup

Step 1) Preset the AIM CAN data bus with the SmartyCam output function, you can customise the output channels with AIM nominated ID, then save and transmit your setting to the dash/data logger or ECU bridge

RS3 SmartyCam

Step 2) In Vbox Video setup software, activate the correct AIM data template and select the CAN channel/ID you want to stream into the Vbox data logging.

VBox Video AIm Setup

Step 3) Setup your design template with the newly added CAN inputs, here we used the AIM MXL2 dash design with display of RPM, speed, throttle, brakes and lap time data. Also original with the Vbox Video HD2, it comes with the GPS map display with start finish line and current location. Save and load the setup to the Vbox when ready.

VBox Video AIm Template

For more information:

Vbox Video HD2

Video VBox HD2 Dual Camera Standard Package

AIM MXS Strada Dash Data Logger

AIM MXS Strada – Compact TFT Dash for Road Use


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