New Podium Connect – Live Data Streaming 4G Telemetry for Everyone (Motorsport, Trackday, Road)

New launch of the Podium Connect – Live Data Streaming via cellular network. One of the merit of this system is its versatility for integrating to different systems. A more professional setup would comprise AIM data logging system with CAN Bus output (base on SmartyCam channels), Motec system with C125 channels or Race Technology DL1/DL2 channels.

If you don’t use a data logger you can always use the base OBD channel template for base channels to look at RPM, ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature), throttle position and more.

First example we did was hooking up our Toyota GT86 race car with AIM setup integrated to Podium Connect, it was a simple case adding a connection with AIM Datahub from the AIM ECU Bridge – OBD based system.

Live 4G Telemetry Example

The Podium Connect was able to feed essential information like:

  • RPM
  • Gear
  • Throttle
  • Brake
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Oil Temperature
  • Long/Lat G-Force
  • Mass Air Pressure
  • Lambda
  • Exhaust Temperature

For live display onto any device with internet connection, meaning even if you were half way round the world you can still see the data feed in the comfort of your chair. For us we were at the pit lane monitoring the data as we were racing.

It gave the engineers and fans a new spectrum of information, the race driver being a race driver often overlook some of the strategical information from the car in the heat of the action, with this live streaming data system engineers and staff can help to identify trends that can help the driver make strategic decision on the fly to help the driver and the team to maximise their performance.

Check out Podium Connect at our store at the link below:


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