Begin with Race License

2018 Jan and Feb, 4 students joining the race ranks as they completed their FIA Race License Training Academy.

After the long Chinese New Year holiday, in preparation for 2018 race season, we have been very busy with students coming in for their FIA Race License training. Whether you are, track-day lover, enthusiastic driver over mountain passes or just generally like to enjoy driving in safe conditions, obtaining a FIA race license is the step into proper circuit driving, not only that you will have a safe and great time on the race track, you also learn about the technical side of racing.

FIA Race License course includes a technical lesson in all aspects of racing:

  • Race Circuit informations
  • Race gear and race car minimum requirements
  • Rules and regulation at the race track and FIA sanctioned race
  • Race car driving techniques

Not only you will be capable of driving on the race circuit, you will have the chance to have one-on-one training with race winning instructors. One of the key is to spot the bad habits of driving that one might have and find the ways to correct them, it will not only help for driving on the circuit, one will benefit from better understanding why a bad habit causes a potential danger, making one overall a safer driver.

We currently run our courses in both Zhuhai International Circuit and Guangdong International Circuit with our fully prepared Toyota GT86 race car. The car is prepared so one can understand all the logic behind a race car.

  • Manual gearbox (understanding the importance of engine power and gearing)
  • Selective traction control (understanding how traction control works)
  • Short steering ratio (maximum feed back to the driver from the car)

For more information visit:


Toyota GT86 Race License Training Academy.001

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