WTCR finally we get a proper touring car race (again)!

With the announcement of WTCC combining the ever so popular TCR series, it sounds like the best news for touring car fans, with the incarnation of WTCR.

For the season 2018, it looks like we will see even more brands joining the the sport including; Honda, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Kia, Hyundai, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot and Subaru more.


So what does this all mean? Are all the brands coming to TCR a great trend, for touring car? Let’s think a little deeper.

For the motorsport race to be exciting, we need some key ingredients; high standard of race teams and drivers, sponsors with applicable budgets, and a faithful audience that will be excited enough to share the word about the races.

High standard of race teams and drivers, thats a tick in the box as majority of the teams with a long term vision will inevitably hop of the WTCR train, the teams move that means the driver will also follow. So we should see a high standard of race teams and drivers in WTCR

Sponsors, that is a relatively new start for WTCR, with the new and more focus objective of the world tour, the sponsors is offered a more focused series unlike for the past few years where WTCC and TCR International ran in a parallel universe. So the quality of sponsors should improve in terms of quality.

Active audience, TCR International was a different scale of broadcasting which focused mainly with online audience. Whether the rights are released for larger audience reach or commercial rights for TV broadcast we have yet to see confirmation. The core audience as oppose to speed freak F1 fans will appeal more to general public with an interest with cars. Seeing a car that you can own will relate much more to the interest of car brand marketing.

The new provisional 2018 WTCR racing calendar consist:

Marrakech (Morocco): 7-8 April
Hungaroring (Hungary): 28-29 April
Nürburgring Nordschleife (Germany): 10-12 May
Zandvoort (Netherlands): 19-21 May
Vila Real (Portugal): 23-24 June
Termas de Río Hondo (Argentina): 4-5 August
Ningbo (China): 29-30 September
Suzuka (Japan): 27-28 October
Macau (Macau): 15-18 November

 *An additional event will be added on either 21-22 July or 6-7 October subject to approval

There are much to be anticipated for 2018, we hope to see some exciting racing in the touring car format.

Here are the qualify records for TCR specification race cars up to now and looks like it might be broken by the end of 2018:

Qualifying lap records

Hungaroring, Norbert Michelisz (Honda Civic): 1m52.740s (139.89kph), 17/06/17

Nürburgring Nordschleife, Benjamin Leuchter (Volkswagen Golf): 8m46.222s (166.64kph), 24/06/17

Circuit Zandvoort, Maxime Potty (Volkswagen Golf): 1m45.863s (146.46kph), 20/05/17

Circuito de Vila Real, Norbert Nagy (SEAT León): 2m04.119s (138.51kph), 24/06/17

Ningbo International Speedpark, Andy Yan (Audi RS3 LMS): 1m53.178s (127.55kph), 27/10/17

Suzuka International Racing Course, Takuya Shirasaka (Audi RS3 LMS): 2m14.894s (154.97kph), 10/06/17

Circuito da Guia, Rob Huff (Honda Civic): 2m31.522s (145.40kph), 21/11/15

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