Thailand Super Endurance 600 – Boom Gear Supersede their class and Finishes in class 4th


China outfit Boom Gear travel across Asia Pacific to Thailand to race in the Thailand Super Endurance 600. The driver line up lead by Ryan Kuang, with his team mates; Raymond Lo, Luno Chong, Ben Liao, took the challenge with a VW Golf 1.4 Turbo. The race was 10 hours in Buriram, Thailand, it was a challenging race track.

After a 10 hour race the Chinese outfit, took the podium with a Class Fourth finish and Overall 8th place. Their strategy was to stay safe and minimise the pit time, and staying out of trouble. They were racing in their class against 2,000cc and 1.6 Turbo rivals, to stay in the fight and be competitive in the overall and class was a super effort.

Ryan Kuang – Boom Gear Team Manager “It was a super experience to come to Thailand and race outside of China for the first time. The atmosphere was great, the organiser did a super job to keep everyone happy with interesting Cash Bonus systems. There was also support from the race sponsor partners too, the tire supplier were offering a good deal for everyone to keep the cost ‘logical’, instead of the resources going to the race promoter. We hope to come back again next year with a bigger line up of race cars and drivers to mount a bigger challenge to this race.”

Boom Gear team partner with us for their team race suit and fireproof underwear, with full custom design race suits the drivers stood out in style. The custom race suits were all made in Italy by Sabelt. December in Thailand and at the race track still see temperatures reaching above 30 degrees, Sabelt fabric and material focus on driver comfort and breathability, allowing the drivers to stay more focused in the heat of race. The fireproof underwear were also custom printed, even when the driver had their suits down, their image wont go adrift.

Endurance racing is seeing its boom across Asia Pacific, with possibility of a Korea based Race 123. Although Sepang 12 hours has dropped off the calendar for 2017, we are sure it will be back very soon. We hope more manufacturer and race organisers can push forward the joy of endurance racing throughout the Asia Pacific, and promoters with Long Term vision, and for the wellness of motorsport.

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