New AIM Solo 2 / Solo 2 DL – Best GPS Lap Timer & Data Logger for Motorsport


The AIM MX series and Solo series have been highly successful for the past 3 years, and the best GPS Lap Timer & Data Logger is now being upgraded with more user friendly features and key functions for 2018.

Solo 2 vs Solo 1

The original Solo was highly successful for its capable package, for logging GPS data with internal battery. It was the most user friendly system for track day enthusiast and prime or back-up lap timer for racing. A single battery charge can get the Solo GPS lap timer through the day of track use with ease without charging cable or accessories. AIM Solo was the best tool in terms of getting reliable GPS lap times and data for review and analysis.

New AIM Solo 2 and Solo 2 DL improves the best features of the original Solo with the following:

  • Colour LED lights for predictive lap time (+/- your reference lap, easy visual reference for improvements or slower lap times on the go)
  • Colour back lights for display and warning so it is easy to visually identify if there was a warning
  • Advanced Data Recall matrix display for visual graphs to identify data points
  • Auto learning mode to understand the lap characteristics of the circuit even if the lap is not in the database
  • Race modes selections; speed race in a closed circuit, point to point races, regularity, performance test (0-100km/h etc.)
  • Wifi communication with PC
  • iPhone connection data analysis, for managing the track database and even for an On-Line view of the most important parameters
  • Solo 2 DL with ECU connections, more than 1,000 protocols for 1,000+ ECU in the database, for easily connect your Solo 2 DL to your Engine Control Unit and get a lot of information with just one cable.
  • SmartyCam HD connection for outputting data for overlay

The favourite GPS lap timer has just gone better, with essential features that is most important to the driver. What are you waiting for? Order your right now here:

New AIM Solo 2 DL at our Online Store

NEW AIM Solo 2 (and DL) Technical Specifications:

 Display resolution
128×64 pixels
 Display pages
Up to 8 freely configurable
7 configurable RGB colors
 Shift lights/alarm LEDs
10 configurable RGB LEDs
 Integrated track database
 Inertial platform
Internal 3 axis ±5G accelerometer + 3 axis gyro
+ 3 axis magnetometer
 Wi-Fi connection
10 Hz
 External power
12 V
4 GB
 Battery type
Rechargeable Lithium
98.0×73.7×30.2 mm
240 g, battery included
 Solo 2 DL
 ECU connection
CAN, RS232 or K-Line to 1,000 + industry leading ECUs



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