Quick Tips: Setup up AIM MXG for Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS

AIM MXG/MXS/MXS Strada has become the new standard for Dash Data Logger for race cars and track cars, notably majority of factory built TCR race cars comes with AIM MXG as standard. With this popularity, when you are choosing your next electronics upgrade, one should consider AIM Dash Data Logger range to be the centre piece for your data display and analysis tool solution.

This is a quick tips feature to help you with setting up your AIM MXG (MXS and MXS Strada follows similar steps) for Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ / Scion FRS (here forth just call “86”).

AIM Toyota 86 01

Open the Race Studio 3 that is installed on your Windows Laptop, click on the “Configuration” button at the top, then click “New” select the AIM data logger model that you are trying to setup, and input your basic informations and confirm.

At the setup page, there are multiple option tabs; Channels, ECU Stream, CAN2 Stream etc. For the 86, we recommend to connect the CAN Bus via the OBD II, one the physical plug is in, you need to select the ECU Stream tab and select the ECU ” Toyota” -> “GT86/Scion_FRS”. The standard 86 CAN Bus template comes with a large array of data; RPM, Throttle, Brakes, Steering Angle, ECT (Engine Coolant Temperature) and much more.

AIM Toyota 86 07

Optional sensor we recommend for 86 are; Oil Pressure and Boost (If it has force induction i.e. Turbo). For these additional sensors, one needs to go the the “Channel” tab and tick Ch01, Ch02 etc. for adding the sensors, inputing the name, function, sensor unit and frequency to setup the sensor reading.

AIM Toyota 86 02

For the shift lights and alarms, we have a tip we would like to share, the 1st shift light we would have it lit at the torque curve RPM, this requires you to know the power output characteristic of the engine, for a standard naturally aspirated FA20 engine, the torque band comes properly in with power at 5,000 rpm so we normally have the first light at this RPM, so if you drop below they RPM you know you are out of the torque band and may need to consider dropping a gear. The other sequential shift light is normally equal intervals, and spread across the RPM range, about 200 RPM before the redline.

AIM Toyota 86 05AIM Toyota 86 04

In December, we saw the latest addition to the gauge faces for MXG and MXS (As above) you can find these in the display options. Lastly we recommend you go through the tabs to check all the values are what you desired.

Have fun setting up your AIM MXG/MXS/MXL2, let us know if you have any questions in the comments or write to us via email: info@grid-motorsport.com



Cover page photo credit to Myra Lam

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