VBox HD testing Asia Formula Renault in Zhuhai

Winter in Zhuhai is the perfect weather for testing, apart from the Clio Cup race car testing, we are running the Formula Renault 2.0l in preparation for the 2014 season. The formula Renault gives an extraordinary racing experience at a reasonable cost, it is a great car and series for new comers to join. As a training tool we are using the new VBox HD video and data logger for reviewing the driver’s performance and using it as training material for improving their technique and lap time.


Designed with Motorsport in mind, the new VBOX HD gives you crisp, high definition images supported by high quality GPS data captured at 10 times per second.

The superfast, 720p global shutter CMOS sensor totally eliminates distortion caused by vibration or fast paced action which normally arises from using a rolling shutter, whilst its tiny size camera it extremely versatile and discrete.



  • 10Hz GPS data logger
  • 720p30 HD camera
  • Global shutter CMOS sensor
  • Records to SD card
  • Predictive Lap Timing (with OLED display)
  • Graphic overlay in post-processing
  • MP4 video & audio recording
  • Internal tank circuit for reliable recording
  • Powerful data analysis software
  • Up to 32 CAN channel inputs
  • USB 2.0 interface


VBOX HD Setup software allows you to create scenes from scratch or edit the default scenes provided, adding bar graphs, rotary gauges, text elements, pictures and track maps in HD.

  • Full WYSIWYG editor
  • Total gauge and needle design freedom
  • Large library of trackmaps
  • PNG, GIF, JPEG image import
  • Lap feature – BEST, CURRENT, LAST
  • Gauges, text and bar graphs can be associated with any logged parameter
  • X & Y G-force, time, height, vertical velocity displayed in any format
  • Free VBOX HD Setup /Circuit Tools training available


Camera Specifications

  • Sensor: CMOS global shutter progressive
  • Sensor size: 1/3″
  • Sensor resolution: 1.3 Mega pixels
  • Lens: 60°
  • Resolution: 1280×720
  • Frame rate: 30fps
  • Dynamic Range: 61.3 dB
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Size: 56.75mm length, Ø 21mm
  • Camera Mounting: Standard 1/4″ UNC mounting thread
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C

Recorder Specifications

  • Size: 132 x 126.3 x 37mm (w x l x h)
  • Media type: SD HC card or SDXC card (max. 128GB /FAT32)
  • Video codec: h.264
  • Video output: HD or analogue composite
  • Audio codec: AAC
  • Audio sampling frequency: 48kHz mono
  • Bit rate: 10+ Mbps
  • External power: 6-30v, approx. 7 Watts
  • External audio: 3.5mm jack input
  • GPS time stamp: 10 updates per second
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to +55°C
  • Storage temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Weight: 266g


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