Motorsport Dash Display with Data Logging

Check out the latest Dash+Data Logger offerings:

Are you still using old gauges? I might look cool 10 years ago, but with the latest technology you don’t need to stay in 19th century.

New generation integrated dash displays allow you to have all the information displayed on a clear back-lit LED panel. Show all essential information;

– Water Temperature

– Oil temperature & pressure

– Fuel Pressure

Air/Fuel Ratio

Exhaust Gas Temperature

With customizable LED shift lights and warning lights, it makes it simple to keep eye on the health and performance of your car.

Data analysis is also available, stay tuned for more info.



新一代儀表板集成顯示器, 讓你顯示所有資料在清晰的背光LED面板上。

– 水溫

– 油溫度和壓力

– 燃油壓力

– 空/燃比

– 排氣溫度


可定制LED         換檔燈和警示燈,方便檢查車的狀況和性能。



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