Spy shot: 458 Challenge Evoluzione testing at Maranello

Having completed its development on track, the launch of the 458 Challenge Evoluzione is fast approaching as it will be shown to customers on 11 November at the Mugello Circuit, the day after the Ferrari Challenge Finali Mondiali. Its most striking feature is clearly the rear wing: the 458 Challenge Evoluzione makes full use of the experience gathered in GT racing, in particular on the aerodynamic front. The increased down-force generated by the wing, balanced at the front by work carried out to the splitter and the floor, allows drivers to make full use of the 458 Challenge Evoluzione’s dynamics and performance, while improving performance both in terms of laps times and over long distances.

法拉利458 Challenge Evoluzione 在馬拉內羅的賽道完成測試,它將在11月11日,也就是法拉利挑戰賽世界總決賽的第二天在穆傑羅賽道發佈.測試圖可看出其最突出的特點是明確了尾翼,汲取 GT賽車的經驗,特別是對空氣動力學的充分利用,增加機翼壓力,讓駕駛者充分利用它的動力和性能,提高圈速和耐力.


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