2013 CTCC Finale at Shanghai International Circuit November 2-3

2013 CTCC Finale will be held at the Shanghai International Circuit on November 2-3. Whilst WTCC, Maserati World Series and POLO Cup will also compete in the same weekend, the biggest news is the Ma Qing Hua (previous F1 test driver at Caterham) will replace Hanhan with 6# car, let us look forward to the show down in Shanghai!

11月2-3日,,2013@CTCC中國房車錦標賽 將在@上海國際賽車場 迎來年度收官之站。同時進行的還有WTCC世界房車錦標賽、瑪莎拉蒂杯賽、POLO 杯三大賽事,而本屆CTCC最大的亮點是馬青驊將接替6號賽車的韓寒 出戰,讓我們一起期待吧!

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