Alex Yoong winning Audi R8 LMS Cup Rd 9 in Shanghai

奥迪R8LMSMalaysia driver-Alex Yoong winning the Audi R8LMS Cup Round 9 in Shanghai International Circuit. Franky Cheng in the ninth lap tried to pass Alex Yoong but failed to make it stick, giving Adderly Fong the opportunity to get second place.
10月26日,@奥迪R8LMS杯 在@上海国际赛车场 進行第九回合比賽,馬來西亞車手熊龍全程領跑,再奪冠軍.@程丛夫 在首個彎道就從第四位緊逼杆位的熊龍,取得良好開局;第九圈時與熊龍發生碰撞未能完成內道超車而被@方駿宇AdderlyFong 借機超越.去年車手總冠軍@MarchyLee李英健 在發車之際稍有落後最終滑至第六位

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