Asia Formula Renault Battle Resumes in Shanghai


POV video by Drift Ghost:

After a dramatic battle in Zhuhai, The AFR Series will head to Shanghai International Circuit for Round 3 and 4 in May1-2.

This will be the first time that AFR to race in the Shanghai since 2011. The circuit, which includes some challenging corners and a 1 km long straight, will provide a prestigious chance for drivers to have a taste of F1 challenges.

There will be some new comer for this round of AFR. Ronald Wu from Hong Kong will drive for Champ and the 19-year-old will try to launch a challenge to the front. Joining him, Neric Wei from PS Racing is also one to watch. Tommy Chan will also join the race with FRD Team as the racing all-rounder will want an AFR trophy in his collections.

_G3A9861Race 1 winner Yuan Bo’s start was trouble free, yet there was 3 cars stalled on the grid, including Champ’s Ronald Wu. That dropped him out of top 6 at the start. Meanwhile, Julio Acosta made a spectacular move on Yuan Bo and took first place after the first sequence of corners.

Yuan Bo then retook the lead during the first lap and led home his victory. Acosta then needed to defense a fired-up Jason Kang. They fight through the hairpin and Acosta almost squeezed Kang to the grass. Kang then spun around at the final bend, but was able to rejoin in 6th position.

The race was then paused as PS Racing’s Neric Wei spun off at Turn 1 in Lap 4, which brought out the safety car. When the safety car was discarded in Lap 6, Jason Kang immediately overtook Ronald Wu, with a do-or-die move at Turn 1. They both then over took Kenneth Ma, who stunningly placed himself at 3rd position before the safety car deployed.

_G3A0432But Kang’s revenge on last race defeat was not a success as Ronald Wu in the last lap overtook him again. Ronald then followed teammate Yuan Bo and Julio Acosta, who won in International Class again, to complete an all-Champ top 3.

FRD’s racing veteran Kenneth Ma came home 5th, 1st in Master Class, while Tommy Chan won a nail-biting fight with Yang Xi and came home 6th, and 3rd in International Class.

ART’s driver had a relatively peaceful race as Thomas Luedi and Thomas Chow completed the Master Class Podium.

International winner Julio Acosta claimed that he could not see Jason Kang when he squeezed him out in the grass. All in all, Acosta thought his first race in Shanghai was a great one. “I pushed really hard to try to take the win yet my teammate is too fast. I feel the race is an entertaining one and I’m happy to be racing in this F1 track, which is very technical demanding and exciting.”

The next race will be on June 14-16 at the Pan-Delta Racing Festival held in Zhuhai.


_G3A9376经过3月份的开幕战,亚洲AFR方程式系列赛将于5月1-2日 在上海奥迪国际赛车场举行第二站的比赛。

这一站的AFR, 是自2011年,第一次回归上赛,同时比赛将使用F1全赛道,全场5.45公里,富有挑战性的弯道和一条接近1公里的直路,这对各参赛者而言都是一次难得的经验。



比赛准时在下午15点开始,袁波完美起步,一枝独秀的率领全场,朱里奥紧随其后。但是队友吴嘉伟起步失误,当时排在第四位的康哲玮和第六位的马汉华抓住机 会,成功反超。康哲玮随即对朱里奥开始进攻,两位车手不断的进行超车和反超车,其间两人还发生了碰撞,但两位都有着过硬的赛车技术,并没有冲出赛道。最后 朱里奥成功守住第二的位置,而康哲玮则被随后的马汉华和吴嘉伟反超。

比赛进行到第四圈,来自PS车队的蔚超音在T1打滑,不幸冲出赛道,安全车也随即驶出,两圈后比赛重新开始。当时排在第五位的康哲玮抓住机会,开始向前方 车辆进攻,首先和排在第四位的吴嘉伟同时反超了马汉华,接着两人开始对全场季军进行争夺。最后吴嘉伟成功夺得全场第三,而康哲玮则以0.7秒之差以第四名 冲过终点,夺得亚洲组第二名。



在赛后新闻发布会上,两次夺得国际组冠军的朱里奥表示:“在比赛当中,我很努力的想要追赶上排在前面的袁波,但是他实在太快了,有点望尘莫及的感觉。而且 在中段的时候,我看不见后面追赶上来的康哲玮,所以我们两人发生了一点点碰撞,可喜的是我们都没有冲出赛道。F1赛道是一条需要技术的赛道,很高兴能在这 个国际赛道比赛,整场赛事很富有娱乐性。”


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