Drift the official Point of View camera partner of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB for 2013

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We are stoked to announce that Drift Innovation have been named the official Point of View camera partner of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB for 2013.

Check out the on and off track footage shot 100% on the Drift HD Ghost at Silverstone with the Porsche team.

Drift Innovation, the award winning action sports technology company specialising in the capture and sharing of digital imagery, have been named the official Point of View camera partner of the Porsche Carrera Cup for 2013.

Drift Innovation will be providing the onboard cameras for the Porsche Carrera Cup GB and the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge GB that will be used for the TV broadcasts as well as for Porsche’s own Origin.com.

“The Porsche Carrera Cup GB and GT3 Cup Challenge GB are grueling events,” said Marion Barnaby, Manager of Motorsport, Porsche Cars, GB. “We needed to ensure we could capture the races from inside the race cars. The Drift HD Ghost cameras performed exceptionally in testing and showed us at Porsche that Drift were the right camera brand to be using this year. Their multitude of functions and ease of use make this a fantastic product for our race engineers to use. We look forward to a great year of racing and a great partnership with Drift.”

The Porsche Carrera Cup Great Britain is at the very pinnacle of British motor racing. Stunning cars, top teams and drivers and unrivalled back up from Porsche Cars Great Britain makes the Carrera Cup the obvious choice for teams and drivers seeking a superb racing platform for 2013.


The opening race of the new season will mark another landmark in the story of the Carrera Cup Great Britain with the 200th race. In a decade, the championship has generated in excess of £40 million for the British motor sport industry.

The Carrera Cup GB features in dedicated hour-long highlight programmes in the Motorsport UK series, which is broadcast on ITV1 and then shown twice on ITV4 in prime slots. This highlights programme takes the total TV audience to more than 19.5 million UK viewers.

Robin Parker, Founder of Drift Innovation said, “Drift are really pleased and proud to be associated with the Porsche Carrera Cup for 2013. Our Drift HD Ghost is perfectly set up to capture stunning full HD in-car footage of the races covering all the action as it happens. I really look forward to following the races as they happen as if I was actually taking part in the race. Both the Carrera Cup GB and GT3 Cup Challenge GB are tough race series for the drivers and teams and we are happy to be able to be part of the competition this year.”

Daniel Lloyd

With an industry-first two-way LED remote control with on/off indicator light, video recording/tagging capabilities in continuous loop mode, and an integrated 2-inch Gorilla Glass® LCD screen, the Drift HD Ghost is the best all-in-one camera on the market. Porsche racers and fans are a perfect fit for these innovative features to capture all the excitement.

Nigel Mihell, Director of S.M.I.N.T Sports, said “At SMINT our focus is on bringing together brands and rights holders that can immediately gel and be successful working together. From the outset, I felt the Porsche and the Drift brand would be a great team.  I have known the Porsche Motorsports GB team for many years and have got to know Drift management over the last year.  What was immediately obvious to us was that both brands focus on delivering exceptional performance with a very keen eye on design and functionality. For the Porsche Carrera Cup and GT3 Challenge Cup GB, there is no better camera for Porsche to be filming their in-race footage with than Drift.”


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