Grid Technique Academy: Footwork

Getting the right footwork is essential to driving the car to the limit. Very often, the fine footwork are overlooked. We look at racing lines, steering inputs and speed, because these are the most common areas where we car review with ease. The nature of a car accelerating and braking are all done with the driver’s foot, and very often we hear brake harder and later for many drivers. Thing is is the footwork correct?

aIMG_0202Here is an example of a simple correction of foot positioning to improve the drivers lap time. The driver was dragging slightly the throttle when he presses the brakes, which in turn: –

– Counter acts the braking force
– Unsettle the car during the braking

By adjusting the pivot point of the driver’s foot, he gained back 30% maximum braking, so he can brake later and shorter.

The video and analysis by Racelogic Video VBox.

See you at the race track.GridTechniqueWinter2012

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