Candy Paint Makes a Stunning Return – JPG Custom

Candy paint originate a very long way back since 1930’s, with Candy Apple Red, with a metallic base-coat, a transparent color coat and a final clear coat.

Time has changed, it makes a return from JPG custom first with the Toyota IQ, tuned to IQ-R in Candy Apple Red, in every sense, makes the car more stunning, with strong depth in the color, making it an award winner at the CTR tuning expo.

豐 田IQR規格表:

– JPG Custom Supercharger

– Veilside IQ-R 包圍 CARBON HOOD

– SSR SP1R 16吋輪圈 (7.5J ET45)

– 橫濱A048 205 50 R16

AP 5000+ 迫力卡鉗

– AP 300mm 分離式迫力碟

– FERODO 3000 迫力皮

– AIM MXL 賽車儀錶


– JPG Custom 鈦合金死氣喉

– BRIDE 賽車桶椅腳架

– GoPro HD 攝像鏡頭

– 豐田高清後波鏡頭

– POWERBASS 2聲道頂級數碼擴音機 4聲道頂級數碼擴音機

– POWERBASS 兩聲道喇叭X2 高音喇叭X2 中音喇叭X2 12吋低音喇叭X2

The second demo is the Ballistic Candy Yellow GTR – In full race gear, this monster will showcase in a prestige and legendary race in November, stay tuned for the action…

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Web site:

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