Grid Motorsport Race Training: Deep end – Wet Condiditons!

Being an all round race driver, one needs to be able to cope with all weather conditions. Looking back in history, many top drivers shine even brighter when they are racing in wet conditions, namely Aryton Senna, Michael Schumacher, and Jean Alessi are just some of the names nominated.

When training in wet condition, one of the most important objective of course is stay on the track, but pushing hard. Here are some training for drivers relatively inexperienced in wet driving/racing: –

1) Basic Operating Techniques: In the dry you make a mistake on the braking, downshifting, steering and accelerating, you have more lead way in getting the car back in control. Though you should have a little more time in making the corrections in the wet, but many new driver tends to treat the controls like they drive in the dry. Be smooth and gentle, then get the rhythm right. Any unnecessary input, will penalize you, either in losing lap time or worst case losing control and skidding off track.

2) Find The Line: Not necessary the racing line, what you aim for is the line that gives you most grip, in many cases at a race track the proper racing line are covered in tire rubber and puddles of water. When the rain gets saturated, these tire rubber and puddles are your worst enemy, so stay on your feet and find the right line.

3) Touching The Limit: The tire limits are much lower in the wet then dry, so you are more easily able to reach the limit. There is a fine line between grip and no grip, understeer and/or oversteer persues consistently. The rule “6-degree” play a big part, over it you’re losing yourself precious lap times, under it you’re not driving hard enough. Stand on your toes be sensitive and go find the limit.

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HKAA Roadsport Round 3 – GIC Wet Race

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  1. Hydroplaning: A floating effect caused by tires losing contact with a surface covered with water.

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