Renault Megane RS 265 Cup – French Rocket!

Megane RS 265 Cup
Megane RS 265 Cup

When the Megane Mark III was first launched in 2008, followed a mix reactions, loosing its distinctive hatchback looks, but came a new cross hatchback practically with coupe lines. The RS version redesigned front distinctive front splitter integrated with LED daylights, flared arches and side skirts, one piece spoiler and center exit exhaust, was highly recognizable.

2.0L twin-scroll turbo 4-cylinder engine rated 265 PS at 5500 rpm with 6-speed manual gearbox, Renault in-house tuned Cup Chassis with reworked suspensions. Were the center piece in breaking the front wheel drive lap record of the world renowned Nordschleife, Nurburgring.
Having own a R26, I was expecting this car to be another stunner, but the initial reaction was not quite what I had in mind. A few things were off putting to say the least, the looks were good, I loved the sleek coupe’ish lines, the front splitter gave an aggressive stance and touched up with the integrated LED daylight. Rear end looks urban, small boot lid means that getting things in and out might be more hassle, but there is sufficient space.
The interior was a little confusing, carbon trims, shinny “Piano finished” and chrome plastics, and worst of all the chrome surround on the dials, it looked like a French taxi. The buttons for the climate control and the CD player are small, and needs to get your eyes off the road to find the right button to press.
Initial putter around town weren’t impressive either, the gearbox chunky, feel of the pedals were very light, clutch bite point un-communicative. It really was not leisurely to get it around town. Once the road opened up, change to Sports mode everything changed.
The sports mode changes the engine response and the traction control to sport, snatch into 2nd gear, any revs above 3000rpm, the engine is so responsive, it’s a twin scroll turbo, though you can’t feel it, the power and torque is so linear. It just hurls you along like no other business. The exhaust isn’t exactly the pipes of an opera, but you feel and hear the boost trenching in with a mindful roar. The rev warning beeps, grab 3rd and do it over again, and again. As the speed builds, the chassis and suspension seems to come alive.
Chassis is sturdy, there is less of the tail happiness from R26R, you can just bang it through the gears through a long high speed corner without realizing the actual speed you’re doing, the suspension you can feel it was tuned for “enthusiastic use”, the bound stroke of the suspension travel is very balanced, the rebound stroke seems to give you even more grip as you accelerate, what a fantastic setup and for a front wheel drive “small family” car, not sure what kind of family is that, but hell if that family bought this car, sure they are an exciting family.
雷諾 Megane RS265 Cup,第三代所謂的“家庭車”,被提升到265匹馬力,全新調校的底盤和懸掛,加上限滑差速器。結果 – 法國火箭。
當第三代的Megane在2008年首次推出,隨後有不同反應,失去其獨特的揭背車外觀,但來一個新的交叉跑車, 揭背線條。 RS版重新設計了獨特的前導風下唇與LED日間行車燈合體,拋沙板和側裙,尾翼和中心排氣,辨識度極高。
2.0L渦輪增壓4缸發動機265 PS與6速手動變速箱,雷諾全新調校的底盤和懸掛。打破了世界著名的Nordschleife賽道,紐博格林的前輪驅動級別圈速紀錄。

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