Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia – Round 3 Ordos, China

August 19, 2012, Ordos, ChinaLamborghini and Blancpain have yet again made history this weekend, celebrating their first ever China-held race of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia Series at the Ordos International Circuit. Already on their third stop around Asia, Italian supercar manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini and Swiss luxury watchmaker Blancpain brought to Chinese supercar fans and Chinese consumers first-class tickets to admire the incredibly competitive one-make racing series, and experience up-close Lamborghini’s “Extreme, Uncompromising and Italian” brand values. Over the coming months, China will be host to three more races, to be held in Guangzhou in September, Shanghai in October and again in November for the Grand Finale.

This first race weekend in China allowed many of the Series’ international drivers to experience for the first time the unique and challenging features of the Ordos International Circuit. Built in 2010, the circuit boasts 18 turns and a length of 3,751 meters, with straights allowing for a top speed of 296km/h. In what has been dubbed the first mountain circuit in China, the driving teams were able to put their experience from the Fuji International Speedway to good use as they negotiated challenging uphill and downhill turns across the circuit.

The race weekend opened with an impressive collision in the qualifying race between Japanese car #10 (Suzuki) and Taiwanese car #38 (Chao), preventing both from taking part in the first race on Saturday afternoon. Lamborghini R&D Chief Test-Driver Giorgio Sanna said: “This circuit is really technical, there are several turns where you cannot easily find the right line, and with the wind blowing sand onto the track, it makes the experience even more challenging for the drivers.” But both teams and drivers were determined to compete on Sunday, and following an incredible show of team-spirit and commitment to the Series, the cars were repaired overnight and met official safety standards to join race 2 on Sunday.

The first race on Saturday took off in sunny conditions, with favourites Liu/Rizzo (#37) from China in third position, following Ramli (#9) from Malaysia and Charlz (#99) from Singapore in pole position. After an unfortunate start in Sepang, Ramli (#9) surprised spectators in Fuji, jumping from 14th to 2nd position between race 1 and race 2. Now competing in Ordos, Ramli pulled an incredible performance to finish first on the podium with a best lap time of 1:46:522, ahead of previously undefeated Liu/Rizzo (#37), with Charlz (#99) following closely in third position.

Race 2 saw Hong Kong team Chan/Tse (#88) climb steadily but surely from their 6th position on the grid start to finally secure 3rd place on the podium. Meanwhile contending teams Liu/Rizzo (#37) and Ramli (#9) kept the pressure on throughout the race, overtaking each other back and forth and earning a few gasps from a tense crowd of spectators. But Ramli (#9) finally reaffirmed his leading position in Ordos and finished first on the podium for the second time. The next race weekend will be held at the Guangdong International Circuit on September 15-16, promising even more exciting performances from the competitors.


Race 1
1. Ramli (#9), Malaysia
2. Liu / Rizzo (#37), China
3. Charlz (#99), Singapore
4. Choi (#8), Hong Kong
5. Wiser / Zheng (#66), China
6. Taniguchi (#12), Japan
7. Chan / Tse (#88), Hong Kong
8. Cheng / Lok (#2), China
9. Chen (#3), China
10. Yuan / Bao (#16), China
11. Chou (#24), Thailand
12. Xu / Zhang (#7), China
13. Kuan / Liu (#22), China
14. Han / Lu (#36), Taiwan
Not classified
15. Suzuki (#10), Japan
16. Chao (#38), Taiwan

Race 2
1. Ramli (#9), Malaysia
2. Liu / Rizzo (#37), China
3. Chan / Tse (#88), Hong Kong
4. Chen (#3), China
5. Yuan / Bao (#16), China
6. Taniguchi (#12), Japan
7. Wiser / Zheng (#66), China
8. Chou (#24), Thailand
9. Xu / Zhang (#7), China
10. Han / Lu (#36), Taiwan
11. Chao (#38), Taiwan
12. Kuan / Liu (#22), China
13. Suzuki (#10), Japan
Not classified
14. Cheng / Lok (#2), China
15. Choi (#8), Hong Kong
16. Charlz (#99), Singapore

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