Mclaren MP4-12C: The Capsule of Speed

Mclaren MP4-12C: The Capsule of Speed

The Mclaren MP4-12C, ok  so everybody’s first question how does it compare with Ferrari 458. Having been driving the Ferrari 458 a lot for the past month, she is still the benchmark of Super Car no doubt. I had to be fair and honest when I came to the Mclaren, really start with a fresh page. Of course expectation were high as the last Mclaren was in a league of its own with the F1. MP4-12C is designed with a slight different concept in mind, a Super Car with user friendliness and won’t be a pain for daily (or in most cases weekly) use.

On the out set from the concept drawings the car seems to be focus in the functional direction, where aerodynamic and engineering dictates the main focus of the exterior design. Which is where the problem lies, there is absolutely nothing “wrong” with the car, but she just seem so CAD (computer aided design). I seriously like the shape fast flowing shape, the scissors doors and even more stunning sitting still with them opened, just like an eagle spreading its wings. The discrete, hyper urban tail lights and exhaust exits then how it integrates seamlessly with the hydraulic spoiler. Everything is so precise and seamlessly purposeful.

First thing first, as a frequent used car, it does have some annoying issues, the “slide to unlock” door, and it’s not just me, the dealer did advise on how to “more easily” get the door opening mechanism right with slide and pause at the end of the motion etc. That didn’t really work, the hit rate is still around 30%, and truth be told it’s fancy, but do we really need more trouble with opening the door and maybe considering sometimes the weather is not always kind. More below par features like some of the interior touch are less than luxury as expected in a car in this price range, the sound system seems rather incompetent. The media system is fancy, but only to find the system is rather “simple” comparing to even typical German sedans, system from the likes of Audi, Mercedes, BMW etc. Offers way more features and important information to the driver. So it seems initially it does not make the cut for the daily super car that we expect this century.

But as a super car to drive it’s simply epic…!!! The engineers in Woking simply got the formula for the dynamics so RIGHT. The way this car accelerates, brakes and ride through corners is just an absolute eye opener. Some basic facts 3.8 V8 Turbo, pumping out 600hp and 650Nm of torque, 4WD, fully independent suspension, monocoque chassis. These features don’t seem so intriguing in words, but how the Mclaren team engineered then re-engineered and scrutinized the performance to squeeze out the maximum performance and dynamics is nothing short of a miracle. How this MP4-12C can be so brimming fast and yet so comfortable just makes this car so brilliant. Blasting down highways, taking it through sweeping corners is just such a calming act. Seriously a capsule of speed.

Last question, which one? The 458 or MP4-12C? Both are brilliant in their own right, the MP4-12C is a monster is precision engineering in dynamics and cutting the laws of physics, the 458 is just a work of art in every sense, it’s made with passion and soul, and it connects you to your heart within!

邁凱輪MP4-12C,每個人的第一個問題是MP4-12C和法拉利458的比較。過去的一個月我時常駕駛法拉利458,她仍毫無疑問是超級跑車的標杆。當我來到邁凱輪,真正開始了新的一頁。當然期望非常高,因為之前邁凱輪F1也是一台非凡的超級跑車。 MP4-12C的設計概念略有不同,一台真正可日常駕駛的超級跑車。


作為一台日常駕駛的超級跑車,它確實有一些煩人的的問題,“Slide to Unlock”的車門,不只是我,就算是經銷商教了我們這秘訣我們也覺得這是不方便,命中率仍然是30%左右,說實話開門真的不需要更多的麻煩。其他如內龐方面也不見得豪華,在這個價格範圍內的超級跑車,音響系統似乎相當無能。媒體系統是花哨,民用品牌如奧迪,奔馳,寶馬等的系統比這實用很多。如此看來它不太悉合做一台日常駕駛的超級跑車。

但作為一台專注速度的超級跑車他的確是非凡……!!在英國Woking的工程師把物理和動力學完全改寫。這車的剎車,過彎,加速是多麼大開眼界。3.8 V8渦輪增壓引擎,泵出600HP和650NM的扭矩,四輪驅動,完全獨立的懸掛,硬殼式底盤。書面上這些數字已經不是天方夜談,但邁凱輪的設計團隊如何將這些性能,擠壓出來令他有如此厲害的性能簡直是一個奇蹟。MP4-12C能夠如此舒適還可以以非比沉常的速度在路面上行走,只是非常驚人。直爆公路,掃過長灣,就是這樣輕易的事情。

最後一個問題, 458或MP4-12C?兩者也有自己的長處,在的MP4-12C是一台打破物理規律的怪物。458是一台超凡藝術型,夾帶無限的激情和靈魂,連繫你的心!

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