Drift HD New Silicon Skins In Active Colors and Style

Drift has introduced Silicon Skin camera casings to offer users more personalization and protection in the tough, high speed, extreme environments in which Drift cameras are used.

Designed after extensive feedback from athletes and customers, the skins have been developed to be easy to change and to provide the toughness demanded by users across a whole range of action and motor sports.

The soft and protective Silicon Skins, available in red, white and black, make capturing individual point of view with individual style easier than ever. The Silicon Skins protect the Drift HD or HD720 from scratches and marks while three sharp color options add an element of personalization. The camera slips quickly and easily into the case and the tough silicone material combines great protection with a soft, easy-to-grip feel.

“Our customers can individualize their experience with Drift cameras more so than ever thanks to our Silicon Skins,” said Drift Co-Founder Robin Parker.  “Users are loving the fact that after a day of riding or surfing with friends, they can instantly compare individual footage on the LCD screen without having to remove the Silicon Skin or worry about mistaking their Drift for somebody else’s. The Silicon Skins were designed not only to be stylish, but functional and tough.”

Go to: Grid Motorsport Store to Order Yours NOW!

Drift 開發矽皮相機外殼硬朗,在極端環境下使用的Drift視像頭,為用戶提供更多個性化和保護。


柔軟和保護的矽皮,有紅色,白色和黑色可供選擇,使個人風格比以往任何時候都更容易。矽皮保護Drift視像頭, 避免划痕. 三個尖銳的色彩選擇,添加個性化的元素。簡單安裝,強硬而柔軟的矽材料,握持感很好的保護。

Drift視像頭創始人Robin Parker,“我們的客戶可以享受矽皮給他們Drift視像頭的保護,更提供個性化。 “用戶與朋友經歷一天極端動作或賽車運動後,他們可以立即在液晶顯示屏上比較個別鏡頭,無需除去矽皮。矽皮外觀設計,不僅時尚,也合功能和堅韌的要求用戶肯定愛上。“

Go to: Grid Motorsport Store to Order Yours NOW!

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