Mercedes-Benz SL500: Revital of the Ultimate Urban Cruiser

Coming into its 6th generation the SL series has always been the benchmark of luxury sports cruiser. Marking back the 60 years of history SL was always the leading edge of styling and technology, which also means that to lift its name it has a big job of up keeping the reputation, especially with the large variant of sports car on offer by the Mercedes-Benz marque with the SLS, CLS etc. To be the leading model is even more difficult.

Styling route, Mercedes have gone down a new route, as with the SL in the past its styling cues will trickle down the Mercedes blood stream. The new “fish eye” is the first distinctive feature on its new design. It’s more technical than one might think, integrated into this rather large unit are 5 different driving modes and speed adapted beam light level. The body is more bulky to express its stance, the lines are more angular, the lines flows into the center line like the SLS, it feels like it’s genuinely making a statement that it’s no softy.

Inside it’s typical Mercedes he smell and the ambient of luxury is every to be seen and found. Disappointingly it seems to have been updated rather than re-designed, the dash and center seems to have been lifted from the SLS. But what seems to have not been redesigned it’s been way improved, you get that sense of sturdy and long lasting feel with this interior. Not that other Mercedes don’t already have, but it feels with the weathering and age it will last forever.

Taking it down the road, you’d have to be hyper sensitive to notices the small changes this car made to make it as comfort as an S Class, roof up or down,the car never complains, the package is so well put together. On what your hand and buttock feel “rather numb” lies a sport cruiser. This SL hides that urgent and frantic-ness so well that makes you feel the SL seems slow and un-sporty, until you see the speedo that you realize that why the sophisticated are powerful, less it the brute, and ran and wave like from the AMG range, simply if you want a luxury cruiser for all occasion the new SL is definitely a winner.

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