BAC Mono – Closest Road Car to Formula 3

On Track with BAC Mono – Closest Road Car to Formula 3

On Track with the BAC Mono – Drift HD Action Camera from Drift on Vimeo.

Drift HD was lucky enough to jump on track with the guys from RS Academy and their fleet of BAC Mono; a lightweight, ultra high performance, road legal super car designed and manufactured using the latest racing technology.

Voted by TopGear for ‘Stig’s Car of the Year 2011′ the BAC Mono has been designed to optimize the driving position — in the middle, central to the wheels, and the balance of the car. Mono is constructed using high-strength carbon fiber composite around a steel safety cell. Powering Mono is a longitudinally mounted 2.3 liter, 280 bhp four cylinder power plant provided by Cosworth. Coupled to that engine is an F-3 spec 6-speed sequential gearbox from Hewland.

Drivers for the video were…

Rob Stanbury
Charlie Stopford Sackville
Tom Ferrier
Adam Carroll

RS Academy run a fleet of highly desirable and acclaimed track-focused cars on some of the worlds most exciting, challenging and exclusive circuits, RS Academy offers something special for both the performance driving enthusiast to the professional racer. Get in touch with RS Academy and put yourself in the driving seat of one of their two BAC Mono’s; located at Silverstone Race Circuit along with Grand Prix Racewear, retailer of Drift products you can rent a Drift camera for your experience and be able to take some super cool footage home to!
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RS Academy
Tel: +44 (0) 208 789 6339           Email:

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