Toyota 86 – Still Unstoppable 勢不可擋…

Toyota 86 – Still Unstoppable…!?

After years and years of long awaited concept, development, prototypes etc. Much like what we had with GT5 the Play Station game, we finally have this much anticipated car actually hitting the road. Toyota 86, as the successor of the AE86.

We had the chance the test the car with Auto, but it was a good thing we waited for this 6 speed manual. This gearbox is top notch, maybe not as crisp as the gearbox offer with the Type-R cars, but it’s precise. Combined with the naturally aspirated 2,000cc Flat 4 (FA20) engine, pushing out a mere 197hp, 205 Nm of torque. The car tips the balance at around 1,200kg so not exactly the lightweight car.

The interior is ok, everything works, layout is good, the buttons have a nice hefty touch to them, but just don’t seem to have integrated as well as the German rivals, there is sooo much “sportiness” to all the decal and trims of the car. Fancy, maybe a little too fancy. Also a quick scan at the catalogue, and see the price tag, it seems to have sway towards the deeper end of the affordable sports car bracket, not expensive as such, but definitely not a number that you would not think twice about other options.

Essential question, how does it drive? Taking the 86 through the highways, it feels very sedated, or no drama. The ride is firm, the engine pulls well, road manner and noise does not extrude, which is where the problem lies, is this a sports car? Show it some twisty bits and it all change, with the low center of gravity, communicative chassis and steering, very linear power from the flat 4, somehow the formula is right. It’s a true joy, whilst most manufacturer focused on spaciousness (hence the mass number of front wheel drive), and performance (turbo charged engines with double clutch gearbox) here we have a car that takes us back to a time when simple is best. As a driver, YOU have to work on driving the car, get the braking, turn-in, and exit right, you will definitely be rewarded with exponential feeling of pure simple joy, it’s such a fun car.

We live in a world of technical advance and comfort. Has the 86 answered our pray for a rewarding car to DRIVE instead of sitting in, I’ll let you to conclude.

豐田86 – 勢不可擋

期待已久由概念,開發,原型車等,就像一眾車迷期待PS GT5,這車款終於推出,豐田 86AE86的繼任者。

今次測試這6速手動款。這變速箱感覺不錯,也許還不如TYPE-R車的變速箱清脆,但它很精確。配合自然吸氣2,000 CC水平對向4氣缸(FA20)引擎,推動僅197馬力,205 Nm的扭矩。重量也不太輕, 大約1200公斤。

內飾還不錯,佈局方便,按鈕也有很好的品質感覺,但與德國的對手相比還差一點,裝飾還是有點浮誇。在商品目錄中的車價,似乎對入門跑車來說, 負擔有點昂貴,不是一個可以不須考慮其他對手的數字。

最關鍵的問題,駕駛這86的感覺?在公路上,感覺非常靜,沒什麼戲劇性。車架和懸掛也略硬,馬力輸出很線性,道路噪聲並不突出,這就是問題所在,這是一輛跑車嗎?跑上山路,這車的感覺也變了. 低重心,底盤和轉向的溝通非凡,馬力非常線性。駕駛這車有一份真正的喜悅,大多數車廠專注於寬敞和性能,這86反而顯出”一切從簡”的精神。作為駕駛者,這86是須要你去駕駛它,制動,轉向,出灣,純正的駕駛快感,它是這樣一輛有趣的跑車。

我們生活在一個技術進步和舒適的世界。豐田86是決擇在于你想享受駕駛, 或是享受坐車。

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