Mercedes Benz ML500 – The Mighty 平治ML500

今天我們會以全新方式, 從屯門公路直上大霧山, 測試一下這款全新賓士ML500
這款車第一感覺是非常高大威猛, 外形設計非常新穎

進入車廂第一感覺是非常豪華, 內飾設計及佈局非常高級
更有電鍍邊緣裝飾及桃木裝飾, 還有方格式真皮內飾配置
令整台車檔次非常高級、豪華, 坐起來很舒服
駕駛起來又很寧靜, 簡直是一流

現在我們以高速行駛, 感覺非常特別
因為它始終是一台ML500, 車上配備4663cc引擎
扭力及馬力輸出非常充足, 尤其在超車時是非常順暢
一般來說越野車由於車身較高, 行駛起來會有側傾感覺
但這款車卻沒有, 避震跟車架都很穩定
簡直與房車有點相似, 令你能夠有非常舒適的駕駛享受

在上山方面顯得非常實用, 再配合這款自動變速箱
換檔接合很順暢, 好像現在這種崎嶇道路以及一些低速彎道
它的指向性非常高, 入彎、出彎都很順暢、穩定、貼地
另外可以選擇Sports和Comfort模式, Sports模式下避震設定會更加敏捷
雖然車身跳動會稍高, 但相對地也會更加敏捷

現在我們已經來到大霧山, 大家可以看到四周圍都非常大霧
這個地段的路面非常崎嶇, 但行駛起來感覺又不是很明顯
早前我們也曾經測試過另一款越野車, 相比起來,這款車是特別舒適
不會有太明顯顛頗感, 這台在吸收震動時又能提供舒適感
現在我們來試一個下斜坡路段, 看起來傾斜度都很大
應該有30度左右, 有一樣東西可以起到幫助作用
就是 Descending Control, 功能是可以控制下斜坡的速度
是全自動控制, 非常穩定,令你放心

經過今天測試, 這款ML500車廂空間感非常大
外觀也非常前衛, 駕駛感覺也很好
另外,今天所經過的測試路段大約行駛了50km, 用了大約7升燃油
對於一台車重2300kg又有大馬力輸出車型, 而且是行駛上山、下坡路段

Welcome to Motoring World
Today we’ll be testing in a new format, Our route start from Tuen Mun Highway to Tai Mo Shan, To test the new Mercedes Benz ML500
First impression, is the mighty stance, Exterior design is very innovative
Let’s hit the road

The interior is very luxurious, Design and layout is very high class
With chrome and wood details, And quilted pattern leather upholstery
Feels bang up to date and high end, Sitting here is very comfortable
Cabinet is so quiet, It’s superb

Driving on the highway, Feels special
It’s a ML500, With a 4663cc engine
More than sufficient torque and power, Especially useful when overtaking
Even on half throttle, you just breeze pass
Typical off-roader is tall, Tends to have more body roll

Not here, Suspension supportive and chassis firm
Feels more like a sedan, Really enjoy the driving and comfort

Entering the mountain section
Engine output 400hp and 600Nm of torque
Takes the uphill with ease, This automatic gearbox
Gear change is smooth, On these twisty roads and low speed corners
Steering is precise, Entering and exiting the corner is smooth and stable
Selection of sport and comfort mode, More agile response with the suspension in Sports mode
Slightly bouncier ride, But it’s very responsive

We’re here at Tai Mo Shan, Very foggy here
This sector is pretty rugged, But it’s not obvious at the driving seat
We tested another off-roader here, Comparison, it’s much more comfortable here
No obvious sense of bumpiness, Absorb the shocks well and very comfortable
Let’s try a little downhill section, Seems steep
Around 30 degrees, Helpful function here
It’s Descending Control, Controlling the descending speed
It automatically controls your speed, Makes you confident
Very safe and comfortable

After the test today, This ML500 is very spacious
Avant-garde styling, Superb to drive
Much less body roll than you expect
Also we drove for about 50km, Used about 7L fuel
For a car weighing 2300kg and such power, Also it’s up and down hill
Fuel consumption is more than respectable

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