Celebrating The SMD Club HK Launch – 慶祝SMD超跑會隆重登場

Celebrating The SMD Club HK Launch – 慶祝SMD超跑會隆重登場

SMD Club HK, held it’s official launch on the 15th April 2012, at Sky City Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong.

The event was packed with exotic cars and horse powers. With over 100 participants with +70 Hyper and Super Cars joining the event including; Pagani Zonda R, Mclaren MP4-12C, Lamborghini Aventador LP700, Lexus LF-A, Ferrari 599 GTO & 458, Porsche 4.0 RS, Bentley Continental GT Super Sport, Aston Martin DBS, Maserati GranTurismo and much more.

Apart from the exotic cars, the event was filled with harmonious atmosphere, members came with their family members to enjoy the beginning of an exciting and prestige club.The members are a group of like-mined gentlemen that simply enjoy the sheer excitement that the club brings.

SMD Club HK will be hosting; Driving Tours, Track-days, Driver Training, Social Events, Hospitality for members and VIP’s alike. Our next coming event is the ZIC (Zhuhai International Circuit) track day on the 21st-22nd April, 2012, where these beast will be able to unleash their mind blowing power at the open track where the likes of Le Mans 500km was held for the past years.

Our SMD Sunday breakfast gathering are also a great opportunity to meet fellow members, whilst admiring the cars over a coffee and bite to eat, take a look at the gallery to see what you have missed.

Sound like what you want, why not become a SMD Club HK member? Visit our website


Or for membership inquiry:


To see the full list of events and benefits.


扣人心弦的超跑是這次活動其中的主角。隨著多於70架超跑加入,包括帕加尼Zonda R,邁凱輪MP4-12C,蘭博基尼Aventador LP700,雷克薩斯LF-A,法拉利458,保時捷4.0 RS,賓利歐陸GT和更多。


SMD超跑會將主辦; 駕車旅遊,賽道日,駕駛培訓,社會活動。我們將會在4月21-22日在珠海國際賽車場舉行賽道日. 在開放的賽道讓會員可以風馳電掣, 享受駕駛超跑的樂趣.






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