2012 Mini Coupe John Cooper Works 迷你跑车 JCW

Mini Coupe John Cooper Works
迷你跑车 JCW

While all car manufacturer wear their heads forward, It was brave to turn it backwards.
With the Mini Coupe, It symbolizes its playful and fun character
Really stands out from other coupes

The cap like roof with it’s spoiler design really stands out
Apart from looks, it creates less drag, Improves handling
Mini Coupe has 3 models; Cooper, Cooper S and this John Cooper Works

With its 1600cc turbo engine, Output 211hp, 0-100km/h in 6.4s
It beats its rivals

The interior of this JCW is special, This combination can only be found in this version
Black leather mixed with red theme, Iconic for the John Cooper Works
Matched with 6 speed manual, It’s an option for other models
For the JCW standard with 6 speed manual
If you like sporty driving, Sure you’ll like the JCW 6 speed manual

A special figure with the Mini Coupe, Compare to Mini Cooper, it’s 25kg heavier
Added weight normally makes the car handles worst, But this 25kg was used to stiffen the chassis
Making the body more solid, And the weight is added to the lower part of the car
So it doesn’t make the car sway more, The car itself is lowered by 25mm
By sticking closer to the ground, The response is sharper, Feels like a go-kart

Mini Coupe give back the zest, why the original mini was a phenomenon
It’s small, fun and agile, With a sense of craziness
Handling this car is demanding, But if you can
It give you that buzz

正當各大車廠都將Cap帽向前戴, 有一很勇敢的設計是將帽子向後戴
它就是今天我們要測試的MINI Coupe, 這個獨特設計凸顯了它活潑、好玩的個性

這款頭盔式車頂連尾翼設計非常矚目, 除了美觀以外更加可以減低風阻
MINI Coupe分別有三個型號; Cooper、Cooper S以及這款John Cooper Works

它配備1600cc渦輪增壓引擎, 可以輸出211匹馬力, 0-100km/h只需6.4秒

這款John Cooper Works車內設計比較特別, 因為車內有一個特別顏色搭配
用黑色真皮搭配紅色裝飾, 這是John Cooper Works的特徵
還有6速手動變速箱, 在其他型號屬於額外自選配置
但在John Cooper Works上只有這款6速手動變速箱
當然就會喜歡John Cooper Works這款6速手動變速箱的設定

這台MINI Coupe有一個比較特別的數字, 就是比標準版加重25kg
但這台車特別之處就在於這25kg重量是用在車架強化上面, 令車身更加堅固
這25kg重量是加在低重心位置, 令車身不會出現搖晃
另外車身也降低了25mm, 好處是令車身更加貼近地面
回應更加敏銳, 有一種卡丁車感覺

MINI Coupe給人一種好似第一代MINI那種風靡全球的感覺
因為它車身小、好玩、操控性好, 有點瘋狂感
它是需要你去掌控這台車, 一旦你能夠操控好這台

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