AIM MXL – Renault R26 Installed

For details:

MXL. The modular data acquisition system for your car


MXL is the more complete instrument to sample, show and record the most important data concerning your car.
MXL is available in two well distinguished typologies:

– MXL Strada that thanks to its aggressive look and its backlighted display is the ideal substitute of stock dashes. MXL Strada shows the most important information but is not equipped with data acquisition function.

– MXL Pista e MXL Pro05, both with integrated data acquisition, show, sample and record all data needed to keep the vehicle under control and mostly improve its performances. Thanks to their modularity, MXL Pista and MXL Pro05 can both supply beginners with basic infos and acquire the most sophisticated information to satisfy the needs of professional drivers.

Easy Connection Technology
MXL is an extremely friendly installing system. With a simple cable you can sample all values related to your engine. MXL offers a very useful CAN or RS232 connection to the most common ECUs through a configuration database.
This means you can receive a huge amount of data in the easiest and safest way: RPM, engine temperatures, throttle position, Lambda values, pressures, gear number and many other data are received, shown and recorded without any further sensor or installation problem.

AIM MXL Race Studio
AIM MXL Race Studio

All MXL versions come with the free Race Studio 2 software: a powerful configuration and analysis tool that allows a great logger customisation according to the racer’s needs as well as data display on PC.

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