Range Rover Evoque – Sense of Supremacy

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Range Rover Evoque – Sense of Supremacy
路虎Evoque – 優悅的感覺


Welcome to Motoring World
Introducing a Mini SUV, X1? Q3? No…
It’s the Land Rover Evoque, Been Car of the Year world wide

Why is this car so popular?
Let’s have a look at the exterior
New headlight design, Signature Land Rover grille, Off-road style front spoiler
If you separate each part, It’s not very special
But when these element are combined, It’s spectacular
One of the main selling point is the dynamic design
Wide fenders with 20″ alloy wheels, Sloping roofline
Feels energetic, young and sporty
At the rear, Sporty rear spoiler, One piece boot lid
Exposes the stance

Coming into this luxury interior
The center console and dashboard from Range Rover
High class atmosphere, New feature gear selector
Start the engine, the selector rises, Select your desired driving mode
Also terrain response, Modes for: Highway, Snow, Gravel and Sand

Sufficient rear room for the 3 door model
Front row, Seats are comfortable
Full electronic adjustment, Feel like you are in control when you drive
2000cc turbo engine, Focus on torque output
With 6 speed gearbox, Simple operation
Feather the throttle, The torque makes light work of driving this car

The chassis is brilliant too
Engineers spend lot of time and effort on the design and weigh distribution
The weigh saving includes aluminum bonnet and roof
And one piece boot lid, It’s 100kg lighter than the Freelander

What’s good about the weigh saving?
Of course improves the performance and handling
With less weigh, the car is easier to handle
No matter highway or country roads
Very comfortable and stable, After today’s test
Range Rover Evoque stunning exterior
Luxurious interior, Performance for your different needs
The sense of supremacy

今天為大家介紹一款小型SUV, X1?Q3?都不是
是我身後的Range Rover Evoque
首先我們來看一下外觀, 有全新設計頭燈
Land Rover標誌性設計中網, 以及越野款式頭唇
如果你將每一個元素分開來看的話, 其實也沒什麼特別
但如果將這些元素融合在一起, 就會令人難以置信
由闊沙板配備20″合金輪圈, 更有傾斜式車頂線條
在看看車尾, 有特別設計尾翼, 以及單體式尾門

來到豪華車廂裏面, 大家可以看到中控台和儀錶台都採用了Rang Rover高級版規格
能夠充分體現高級感覺, 其中一個特別配置及時這個檔位元選擇器
當你啟動引擎時,檔位元選擇器就會自動升起, 然後你就可以根據自己需要選擇合適駕駛模式
還有地形反應, 分別有高速路、雪地及砂石路面等多個不同駕駛模式選擇
特別是前排, 這款車的前排座椅非常舒服
配備電動多角度調校, 無論任何駕駛這輛車都有一個控制自如的感覺
車上配備2000cc渦輪增壓引擎, 重點在於扭力上
搭配6速自動變速箱, 使用起來非常簡便
因為當你輕踩油門, 它強大的扭力能夠讓你輕鬆駕馭這台車
另外,車架非常好, 因為車廠工程師花費大量心血去設計車架以及控制重量分佈
更有單體式尾門, 偷輕處理方面對比Freelander要輕100kg
無論是在鄉村小路還是高速路, 它都非常舒服、穩定

經過今天試駕, 這台Range Rover Evoque外觀一流
內飾豪華, 性能又可以滿足你不同需要

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