在一條我跑步跑了3 年的街道, 今日老貓燒鬚在最後的急斜路段轉彎跣腳, 右膝先落地, 右肘急隨, 成個人成一字打橫攬落條石柱. 好彩係落地個下自然反應用手擋住無撞到頭. 地下因為地盆好多沙石, 行人路收窄左因為道路工程. 膝頭手傷口見紅, 直流到腳掙.

呢一刻突然令我醒一醒, 我企反起身, 繼續完成路程. 令我醒既係我以前都成日會跣低, 會失敗, 你會點反應? 最近好多新聞有不同既人PK, 各人也用不同既方法去面對, 有比借口, 有成認錯誤, 有繼續努力.

人人都會跣低, 之後會反起身, 繼續瞓係到叫救命, 影相做證黎告人, 投訴相關部門, 賴地硬, 每個人都有選擇, 但係只有一個選擇比自己繼續向前.

On my X-country running route that I have been training for 3 years, I had a big slip and fell knee first, elbow after, then flew horizontally into a concrete wall. Luckily, by natural reflex i had my arms forward to avoid a collision with my head against the wall. There was a lot of sand and stones, the foot path shrank due to road works. My knee and elbow was cut open, with blood all the way down to my ankle.

At this moment, I had a reawakening, I got up and finished the course. What woke me was I use to fall and fail many time in the past, what was your reaction. There has been a lot of people PK’ing (failing) at many disciplines, they had different ways of facing these problems, some give excuses, some admitts the problem, some work hard on fixing the failure.

Everyone is bound to fall and fail some time, what you do after is your choice. Getting back up, lie there and scream for help, summoning law suits, filing a complain, you have a choice, but only one choice takes you forward.

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