Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG – The Monster Within 澎湃動力

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Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG – 澎湃動力

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We did introduce the CLS 350 not long ago

It handles very well, very comfort ride, beautiful outlook

This time we introduce you the CLS 63 AMG

Reason we choose the AMG version

First it has brand new bonnet, AMG front bumper and LED front light

Also come with 19’’ alloy wheel, also come with 19’’ alloy wheel

Has racing version rear diffuser and 4 tail pipe exhaust, rear boot with spoiler as integrate design

AMG Drive Unit feature, similar with SLS-Select control

Also come with flap style for change gear, ESP and suspension setting control include Sport and comfort mode

Nappa leather steering wheel, alloy pedal and piano black dashboard, IWC clock.

Do I look like salesman? You right. There are few area did specifically mention

Once you start up the engine, All those feature has mention will not concern anymore

CLS 63 AMG 5500cc V8 with twin turbo, 800Nm huge torque

When you drive it on country road, despite heavy and long chassis

Vehicle height and reasonably low, does give awesome acceleration feel

With the gearbox Sport mode were select

Then you feel the speed once you press the throttle

Very smooth engine rev at all time, No hesitations at all

Awesome acceleration experience as long as you on the move


早前我們已經介紹過CLS 350


乘坐非常舒服, 外形也很漂亮


這次我們要介紹這款CLS 63 AMG, 為什麼我們要選一款AMG版本呢?

首先它有全新前蓋, AMG前保險杠配LED頭燈, 另外配備19”合金輪圈

車尾方面有賽車款式擾流器及四出排氣管, 更有一條尾箱蓋隱藏式尾翼

車內配備AMG Drive Unit SLS E-SELECT操控杆相似


另外有ESP及避震設定, 包括有SportComfort模式

方向盤上包有Napa真皮, 更有鋁金屬踏板、鋼琴黑儀錶台以及IWC時鐘



但是當你啟動引擎之後, 銷售員所說的任何東西都不再重要.


CLS 63 AMG配備雙渦輪增壓5500cc V8引擎


當你駕駛在這些鄉間小路時, 雖然車身比較長以及重, 車身高度也相對較低, 但是它能夠給你無限加速感覺

另外在變速箱方面, 現在我就轉入了S+模式, 一踩油門它就能夠給到你想要的感覺

令引擎轉數一直保持很柔順, 你不會有任何停頓感, 只會有不停、澎湃加速感

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