TC Column: Tech biz, Show biz, Private biz, the differences in Motorsport industry.

Some extensive parts of the Motorsport industry is about the business of sponsorship, exposure and revenue. Around the globe there are different ways which the business is ran. Very naturally these are ‘grown’ from the local cultures, which defines the shape and capacity in which the sport is ran.

In Europe, the business is ran like a R&D Tech business, based on sponsorship from corporate investors, they hunt for the best developments that can win race, where the cars needs to be highly developed on complex street circuits. More focused on developments like youwould have the cars running on real roads. The technology and experience can more likely be used for production car developments. Hence the reason why corporations are more likely to sponsor racing teams.

In America, it’s more similar ran to a show business, many circuits are layout as oval circuits, where you can fit more spectators to watch the race. The sponsorship would more likely to benefit from commercial goods, as the spectator gets live exposure to these brands. The cars are built to have a close race, rules and regulations are aimed to have the races as tight as possible.

In Asia, the funding sre more proportioned to privateers, the rise of many branded one series race; Ferrari 458 Challenge, Lamborghini Super Trofeo, VW Scirocco Cup, Clio Cup, etc. these compared to the European counter-part aremore geared towards privateers. The tracks are mostly international grand prix circuits.

I have met many racing teams and race drivers, many have differnet ideas of how to run the business. Essentially when it comes to funding matters, one needs to focus on the aim and how to benefit everyone involved.

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