Audi A1… Be Surprised

Audi A1… Be Surprised
With it’s origin coming from the Audi 50, then the Audi A2 with revolutionary styling of the “small Audi”. The A1 was designed with a focus on style, funkiness and fun factor in mind.

Audi A1 1.4 TFSI Ambition S-line
Image via Wikipedia
With rivals like the Polo and Clio design based on the budget customer, the Audi stands out from the contemporary styling box, and gave this car and even the market the “mojo” the young driver has been longing for. The first thing that springs to mind when you see this car is the funky style. It’s not aggressive and loud, it hints a sense of fun, which is not usual from Audi. Did they succeed? Yes, definitely. The round and bold proportion makes it feel fresh. They didn’t just pull the design cues from the upper segment Audi, they created a jest of new energy for the crowd that has been gagging for so long. This S-line version is also equipped with the street fighting spoiler, front and rear bumper enhancing the visual affect to the max.
Inside the essence of Audi logic and quality are all inherent. The touch of soft dash and sturdiness in the buttons are all there. Ok, it’s a bit dark and plain, but it you compare the A1 to the same segment, you would agree that there are no match for this premiership of class. All the essential equipment like Audi’s MMI with full color screen, CD player, and SD card reader, the tech savvy won’t be disappointed. The dashboard is crystal clear with a classy texture; mix of white and red illumination with aluminum, engraved finishing, works as the perfect eye candy.
The TFSI 1.4, Turbo + Supercharged engine, pushes out 185bhp, and pulls with a surprising 250 Nm of torque. 0-100km/h – 7.4 seconds. Top speed 227km/h. These figures are rather diminishing the fact that, this car is sooo much fun to drive. Put your foot down, ride the wave of torque from an engine probably smaller then your head, the way this chassis deals with the cornering speed is just phenomenal, it’s super stable, and very well balanced, there is no excessive or un-predictive movement near the limit of traction. The car weighs in at around 1200kg, which is very light comparing to today’s car standard, and this model is equipped with an E-differential, that controls the power going into the wheels.
This street fighting driving dynamics works in perfect harmony with it’s street fighter design, and it’ll for sure put a huge cheesy smile on your face. It’s been way too long since a small segment car has been put together in such a Perfect way. Looks Right, Feels Right and Drive Right…!!! Be Surprised….

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