New 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS – An intimate exchange on the hilly mountains of “Dai Mo Shan”

New 2011 Mercedes-Benz CLS – An intimate exchange on the hilly mountains of “Dai Mo Shan”

On the outset, I really didn’t expect the CLS to be too much different from the last model. The 2007 version was a superb car, it was one of the best looking car in the market, and you can just taste the extra sweetness of owning one. I was practical, good looking and good to drive. The formula was just there, and how wrong was I to then I expected the same thing from this the new 2011.

First of all, I was a bit gob smacked by the looks in real life, seeing the photos and the shows. Ok it looked a pretty car, but when you’re up close and personal, it grows on you. How they used the long bonnet to “pronounce” the goring mouth with its bulging grille and silver arrow. The headlamps styling cues from the SLS, which we already approved that it’s the looks of the future. Although the muscular front and rear fender, might not be everyone’s taste with traditional Mercedes styling, it does give this car that extra twist.

The interior has been redesigned, from the more relaxing cabin to a more exclusive cockpit, the dash is standing at a more upright position, giving you that bit more engagement. As with most top spec Mercedes there are more kit that you can handle, but the feature I liked most was the “steering”… With a whole range electro-magnetic-computerized fake feeling steering the CLS was very nice car to handle through the steering wheel.

The car’s ride is relatively soft, but when you point the steering at the desired direction, it responses precisely. Many cars these days points at the direction from a formula that the egg heads in the science lab thinks that the car should go and forgot about the connection the driver needs to feel confident at the wheel.

This car combines the beautiful looks, practicality and dynamic driving feeling all into a great value package. This is a car that states “intelligent choice from a sophisticate person”.

Go try one for yourself…

Engine and performance
Engine/Configuration  V6  V8  V8 
Displacement (cc)  3498 4663 5461
Net Power (hp/rpm)  306/6500  408/5000-5750  525/5250-5750 
Max Torque (Nm at rpm)  370/3500-5250  600/1600-4750  700/1700-5000 
0-100 km/h (s)  6.1 5.2 4.4
Maximum Speed (km/h)  250 250 250

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