Lexus CT200h Review – First Hybrid Hatchback 全新凌志CT200h

One of the most anticipated car of 2011, the Lexus CT200h has arrived. This is the first ever hatchback with a hybrid engine, and I’m glad that Lexus has done a superb job, not just chopping the back of the other Lexus Hybrid.

The CT200h is an absolute tech feast, although you won’t notice that from the exterior. Once you jump inside the car you’re surrounded by an array of high tech gizmos from the 24th century. The main control screen is controlled by this clever mouse style pad, it’s even got touch toggle, which snaps the pointer to the nearby button (if you don’t know what I mean, think of it as an intelligent mouse, that knows what you need). You also get an EV/Eco/Sport nob that switches from an eco-vegetarian to a dolphin (still eco-friendly, but just not as…). On the Eco mode, the dash is illuminated with a blue ambience, with the Eco gauge on the left, which is turned into a RPM gauge when you switch to Sports mode and the ambience turns red. The whole thing feel so high tech that you simply think you’re a century ahead, and to top this up, the whole interior is finished with a 2 layered layout and with a very un-Japanese leather dash, this CT200h is not a step, but a leap ahead of the current hatchback in the market…!

The exterior looks aggressive, with a slight resemblance of the LFA as too how the flangs below the headlights are styled. Bludging hip lines dominate the side body, with a muscular hatchback. The CT200h is equipped with a same power unit as the new Prius, 1.8L vvti engine combined with the battery motors, pushing 136ps it’s not gutsy, but it will be sufficient for majority occasions. The ride is optimized with a rare option of front MacPherson, rear Double Wishbone for Japanese hatchback, which gives it a superb ride round the corners.

Once you get into this CT200h, you simply don’t want to get out…

Lexus CT 200h
Image by amcgore via Flickr

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