2011 R350 Mercedes Benz Reviewed

The 2011 redesigned R-Class is in a class of its own. There are strong competition in the same market segment, especially from the Japanese brands. So why would you choose the R-Class over the cheaper competitor in this segment?

First, there is the image. Ok a lot of people will think, hell I’m not paying extra just because there is a Mercedes badge on it. Yes, you’re right, but the thing is with the absence of other prestige marque in this segment, it seems to be the right choice. To be able to cope with the job of a 7 seater people carrier, and yet have the superb looks of an estate, the R-Class really does stand out from the all the bulky counter part of “spacious 7 seaters”.

Driving the R-Class is a joyful experience. Sure it’s not a sports car, but the chassis and power is balanced so well that with your wife, kids and dogs, even if you were driving a little over enthusiastic, you would not have them screaming and barking at your ear. Mercedes really do know how to make a comfy car and yet reward the driver with unparalleled driving enjoyment.

Finally, the utility of cabin and space. With clever seating arrangements, you can fold the back role of seats flat, to turn it into a huge boot. While the space at the front is very generous to say the least. It’s not like space that is just left un-thought of, all the space builds an ambience of “spaciousness” to your experience of driving an upbeat and purposeful Mercedes.

The R-Class was the first Mercedes Benz to offer a full sized multi-purposed car in their range. Sport cruiser or family cruiser, or whichever you label it, this is a car that fulfill the needs of business meetings, school runs, weekend trips, day to day commute etc. In exceptional style and comfort.

Go give it a test drive and see what I mean.

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