QA: A few quick tips on Formula Geely and the ZIC, Zhuhai International Circuit

QA: A few quick tips on Formula Geely and the ZIC, Zhuhai International Circuit

If you’re renting a Formula Geely, you probably won’t have an official tutor with you. Here are some of the essentials (more obvious but often overlooked points).

1) Make sure you’re 100% comfortable with all the pedals, gear shift and steering wheel. As you try to push harder any slight discomfort can cause you to potentially lose control of the car. The foot pedals when fully operated/stepped on, your knee should be slightly bend, and steering wheel at 12 o’clock/90 degrees steering input your elbow should not be totally straight. The gear shift are normally very stiff, me and a professional F3 driver both had blisters on our hands after a 3 sessions day testing, so make sure you bring plasters, or you’re not driving hard enough.

2) ZIC is a relatively simple track to learn, but a bit harder to master. If you’ve been there before, that’s great, just make sure you warm up the tired properly. Just gradually build up your pace from your normal comfortable speed, the car should be nice to drive you won’t really have to worry about throttle as it’s relatively under powered, just work your braking, starting braking at 200m board mark and when you’re more confident, work your way up to 100m, this is the more simplistic instruction without having a driving instructor.

3) Finally, if you spin out, make sure you brace and apply your brakes firmly, DO NOT LET THE CAR ROLL/SLIDE ANY FURTHER THEN PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE!!! If you’re on grass or on tarmac, try to restart the car and rejoin the track, make sure you observe the track condition when you’er trying to rejoin. If you’re in the gravel, and couldn’t drive out, get out of the car if the location is within projection of the driving line, basically common sense. Hang around and a tow truck will get you out within 5-10 mins. Driving hard enough to be skidding off or spinning out is part of racing, so don’t be embarrass to do that, just make sure it’s safe when you do.

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