Track Recon – Monza GP Circuit, Italy 賽道報導 蒙扎大獎賽賽道,意大利

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Track Recon

Monza GP Circuit, Italy

Track Recon is a series that take us around the race tracks of the world, giving advise on how to get the opportunity to drive around the famous race tracks of the world.

This time we’re in Italy, testing the “Autodromo Nazionale Monza” or Monza GP Circuit. The race track is located near the town of Monza, north of Milan, in Italy. The circuit’s biggest event is the Formula One Italian Grand Prix, having hosted the event since the sport’s inception, and is known as the home of the Tifosi, supporters of Italian team Scuderia Ferrari.

If you want to try this track yourself, the track is open for public during scheduled weekends through the winter season (December to February). All you need is to get a proper car, turn up on the day of the public track day weekend, and buy the opening session ticket at Euro 45 per 30 minutes, also you need to fill in a declaration form.

Make sure you’re at the queue to enter the track at least 5 minutes before, it just makes life easier. On the day of my testing, it was raining, although the rain had stopped, there were still puddles at many places on the track.

The Monza GP circuit, is 5.793 km long, and consists of very long straights and tight chicanes, putting a premium on good braking stability and traction.

When your car approach the first corner at the maximum speed, you can brake at about 120-150 metres before the first chicane – the Variante del Rettifilo, entering in second gear. This is the scene of many first lap accidents during races. The kerbs are high at the first two chicanes so make sure you don’t hit them hard or it’ll unsettle the car.

It is important to accelerate out of the first chicane as straight as possible and with minimal wheelspin, as a lot of time will be lost through the Curva Grande down to the Variante della Roggia chicane. The braking point is just under the bridge. The kerbs are very vicious, and it is very easy for a car to spin. This chicane is probably the best overtaking chance on the lap, as it is the only one with the “slow corner, long straight, slow corner”, one of the characteristics of the modern circuits.

The Curva di Lesmo, are two corners that would catch the inexperienced driver out. The first is blind and has a slight banking. The second is higher speed and very important and all the kerb is used. A mistake at one of these corners will either result in a spin into the gravel, or an overtaking move into the Variante Ascari chicane.

The downhill straight down to the Variante Ascari chicane is very bumpy under the bridge. The Variante Ascari chicane is a very tricky corner, and is key to the lap time.

The final challenge is the Curva Parabolica, the car quickly dance around the corner, make sure you pick the right apex and work your way out the corner accelerating onto the main start/finish straight.

Overall, this is a fantastic track with a long history. The mix of high speed adrenaline and braking G-force will be a great way to sharpen your skills, all you need is a car that can maximize the track use. I’m Tommy Chan, see you at the track.



這次我們在意大利,測試“Autodromo Nazionale Monza” 蒙扎大獎賽賽道。賽道位於蒙扎鎮附近的,北米蘭,意大利。這賽道的最大的賽事是一級方程式意大利大獎賽.被稱為Tifosi的家,法拉利車隊的支持者。

這次我們在意大利,測試“Autodromo Nazionale Monza” 蒙扎大獎賽賽道。賽道位於蒙扎鎮附近的,北米蘭,意大利。這賽道的最大的賽事是一級方程式意大利大獎賽.被稱為Tifosi的家,法拉利車隊的支持者。

如果你想自己嘗試這條賽道,賽道是在指定的冬季週末向市民公開(十二月至二月)。你需要的是一台合適的車,填寫申報表,並購買了開幕式門票 45歐元(30分鐘),就可以了。



當您的車在最高速接近第一個彎道的,你可以約在120-150米的地方剎車在Variante del Rettifilo,進入二檔。這許多時是比賽第一圈發生事故的地方。兩個彎道的路肩很高前所以不要碰他們。

出灣時盡可能地把車拉直並防止車輪打滑。Variante della Roggia的煞車點在橋下,這個灣的路肩很容易令到車spin out。這可能是超車最好的機會,因為它是唯一一個慢灣,長直,慢灣,也是現代賽道的其中一個特色。

Curva di Lesmo兩個灣,沒有經驗車手會容易出錯。第一是盲灣,有輕微的banking。二是較高速度的,這裡要好好使用路肩。其中一個灣出錯會導致你spin out

通過落山位直到Variante Ascari在這橋樑下是非常顛簸的。Variante Ascari chicane是一個非常棘手的灣,也是做單圈時間的關鍵。

最後的挑戰是Curva Parabolica,一定要選擇正確的apex,之後做好線位加速入Start/Finish直道。
總結,這是一個具有悠久歷史很棒的賽道。高速混合制動G froce會令刺激你的腎上腺也能將自己的技能提升,但是你是需要的一台合適的車令你達到一定的速度。我是Tommy Chan,希望在賽道上見到你。

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