The 57th Macau Grand Prix 2010 – Relentless Excitements

The 57th Macau Grand Prix – Relentless Excitements

This year the climate is in favour for the Macau Grand Prix, I remember last year the temperature was down to 15 degrees celicus, hovering around 23 degrees the scene is set for a superb mix of burning rubber, revving engines and the final battle between the titans throughout different classes of 2010.

The highlight of the weekend:

1)      Italian star, Edoardo Mortara dominating both qualifying and winning the race by 2.12 seconds in Formula 3, winning back to back F3 MGP first time in history

(Full report here:


2)      The final battle of WTCC (Race 2) with Bristish driver, Robert Huff in the Chevrolet Cruze battling against Brazilian driver, Augusto Farfus in the BMW 320si

(Follow the official WTCC report here:

3)      Japanese driver Keita Sawa taking the GT class again with a 14.814 second lead…!!

(Full report here:

4)      Hong Kong driver Paul Poon dominating the CTM Touring qualifying and race, with close Hong Kong driver battle of Lo Ka Fai, Andy Yan and Charles Ng battling it out for the podium

(Full report here:

5)      Hong Kong driver Samuel Hsieh tragic crash in Hotel Fortuna/Interport Race, while Billy Lo started on Pole, but later suffered a mechanical problem, Macau driver Mourato, Badaraco, and Wong dominated on the podium

(Full report here:

6)      Close battle in Roadsport Challenge of Japanese driver, Manabu Orido in the GTR35 and Macau driver, Sun Tit Fan in the Evo9 finishing with 0.738 seconds gap

(Full report here:

7)      Spanish driver Carlos Sinz Jr winning the Formula BMW race with a 4 second gap

 And of course, a lot of pit lane action…

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