International Le Mans 1000km of ZIC Drift Show and CSBK + ARRC Drift Show

International Le Mans 1000km of ZIC Drift Show and CSBK + ARRC Drift Show

It’s been an ongoing twin weekends of drift shows. The highlight being the International Le Mans Series Final Race of 2010 in ZIC. This time we were out in force, our drift team consist of me in my Supra JZA90, James Tang in his Aristo and Wing Lo in a Fairlady.

We waited around T12 for the signal to enter the track after the Ferrari session was over. It was great weather, temperature around 26 degrees with the sun shining. We got onto the track at T12 warmed up the tires and off we go, James took lead full sideways into T14, followed by me then Wing, we entered the straight and skim the pit wall and run off with some high speed “Manji” (Snake action), the crowd went crazy. We lined up to do figure of 8 between the cars, and finished off with a drift barrel of 3 cars drifting side by side to each other.

Lining up across the audience stands got out of the car and took a bow, and the cheering was overwhelming. We finished off with a hand shake donut, where I stood in the middle and had James doing donuts around me and shook his hand while he was doing that. The tires were totally ripped and it was banging on the arch, while I drove back to the pits. Superb fun…

We retreated back to the team office to watch the International Le Mans Endurance Car. The amount of speed they were carrying through the corners were immerse, to put into perspective, in one of the high speed cornes (T10)  a Fomrula Renault would do 140-150km/h max, but the Prototype cars in the ILMP1 class were doing +200km/h that’s 40% faster in comparison… This race totally brought China racing scenes to a new level. Heard that next year will have a 12 hour endurance race for Le Mans in ZIC, that will even be bigger and better.

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