Pan Delta Racing Festival Autumn 2010′ – Season Finale with my Supra

Pan Delta Racing Festival Autumn 2010′ – Season Finale with my Supra

The autumn on Zhuhai, still sees summer temperatures at about 36 – 38 degrees and brilliant sunshine following previous weeks of unstable weather. This is the 3rd and final Pan Delta Racing Festival of the season. The weekend consist of Asia Formula Renault, Renault Clio Race, Circuit Hero & Circuit Hero GT, and CSBK.

Unlike last event my shows were spread over Saturday and Sunday, with 2 sessions each day. By far the best news of my weekend was my long awaited GMC Supra is finally back on the track, ready to roar around the race tracks again. Initial tests showed promising performance. Not really up to competition standard yet, but after a few session of tuning and setting, I’m sure it’ll be pretty competitive.

Saturday was mainly for practice and qualifying, although the crowd number was not exactly a surprise, but it’s the best turn out for a Saturday I’ve seen yet. With the Supra all fired up to give the crowd some exciting drift action. For the 1st and 2nd session, I took out my Supra with James taking out the Z34 kitted Fairlady. This was the first time this year that the crowd get some twin drift action.

We started with something light and gentle, especially this was the first time I’m driving this Supra, let alone drifting it. Once I got into the rythmn and know e car’s power delivery characteristic and drift angle (which was like 3 minutes of slow speed drift) we’re into some higher speed drift “Manji” through the pit straight, and we got the crowd onto their feet… We pendulumn from opposite ways and blast into a twin drift by mid pit. If was pretty awesome that this Supra gave me the confidence in a click. The other drift cars I drove needs at least a session or two to get into a full show drift mode.

Sunday, i couldn’t use my Supra, as the 2nd gear failed during the last part of Saturday’s last show, the gearbox was not a strong department of the Supra. Anyway i took out the team’s TRC Z34 Fairlady out while James took out his ‘finally ready’ Monster TRC Altezza. The crowd turn out was massive today, estimate turn out was about 5,000 just on the main attendance stand. I was taking lead in the show as James had some exhaust problem. I blew away the crowd with tire smoke, screaming sound of tire combined with engine rev, and drift line inches close to the pit wall.

The 2nd session I had to take out some VIP on a hot lap of the ZIC track, I was driving the new Subaru Impreza Sti, the car had the grunt, but it really does lack the drama, and excitement of the past ‘animals’, it wasn’t a bad car at all, but it feels a little too tamed to be 100% honest. I turn to the pits after taking out 4 VIP, with slight smell of overheated brakes. The guest were happy and i was happy to have taken them out on the track for the hot lap.

That was the end of the Pan Delta Series Show for 2010′, I hope everyone had enjoyed the shows as much as I did, I’ll be back in 2011 with more excitements and surprises for you… See you next show season…

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