My first DNS 失誤…

If there was a worst scenario than a DNF (Did not finish) than it must be a DNS (Did not start). The humiliation of not being able to even start is something that only those who actually experienced it would understand. In short it’s all the excitement to show the crowd, judges and everyone what you’re capable of then boiling down to zero and packing home before you even try.

With a big issue with the planning, I had a Nissan Cefiro A31, Left hand Drive to race. The LHD and RHD difference I was pretty much sorted after 3 runs in the first practice session. In the afternoon practice, there was some weird noise and the boost wouldn’t pick up, the team check and we guess there was a bearing that was worn, and we had to retire… This was my first ever DNS, not only it was a shame that I could not be in qualify, it was humiliating that I could have got a fair result from this race. I’m 120% gutted this time.

The only thing I’m really hoping is to get my Supra back on the road after 1 years’ wait.

在 全國飄移系列賽 第二站 廣東國際賽車場,因為按排上的失誤, 我需要使用一部 左軚版 的 日產 風度 (A31) 出賽. 當然戰鬥力會因為要識應 左右軚的分別而打折, 上午練習也只得 3 次跑. 但是大至上也可以應付.

下午, 車開始有點不沉常的聲, TURBO 的 BAR 也無法提起. 就此, 這賽事我連淘汰賽也進入不了.

希望我耐心等待了一年的 SUPRA 可以快點預備好, 好讓我真正回到賽道上.

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