Waigo Yokomo Drift Meeting Round 2 – 2010’

Waigo Yokomo Drift Meeting Round 2 – 2010’

For the official article please go to: http://www.waigohobby.com/race/2010drift_yl/photo_2.html

After a good pre-race meeting going through the rundown, the rules and regulations and the judging rules the day before, we’re set for an exciting day of RC car drift action on the Sunday 27th June. The location was in Yuen Long, Tai Tong. Even with a map in my hand, while I was driving I still got a bit lost going to the venue. After some on-phone instructions, we got there at the end.

It was pretty hot and humid on the day with period of heavy down pour here and there, I guess it would have put people off from the travel and actually turning up. In actual fact everyone who were set to participate was there practicing already, I guess no matter if it was racing RC cars or racing touring cars or even formula cars, it’s an embedded passion in the male to compete.

The general layout was similar to the D1GP race in Odaiba, only the corners were reversed. Leading from the starting straight, the cars enter a 180 degree left hand corner, with Clipping point 1 and 2 on the outer curve. The track then flow back with a tight 180 degree right hander, with the apex as Clipping point 3. As many participants commented, this track was much harder than they expected, although there was more track to run on, the lines, drift angle and speed was harder to get the grips with.

I won’t go through the details of the race as it’ll be featured in major RC magazines in their next feature, but what I will say is the winner of Class A 和和was really in a class of his own. His consistency from qualify to final, and how he can quickly learn the drift line as we comment give our judging comments was exceptional.

The atmosphere was brilliant throughout, with all participants supporting each other, even there were different teams, even one from GuangZhou, China, the Hong Kong team had great respect and support for them. The next and final round of the 2010 racing schedule should be held on the 31st October, venue TBA. It will promise to be an even more exciting and action packed race as they battle it out for the crown, with the grand prize of a trip to Japan and participate in the Yokomo year end drift meeting…

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