Pan Delta Racing Festival Summer 2010 Toyo Drift Show

Pan Delta Racing Festival Summer 2010 Toyo Drift Show

As we hit the midpoint of the year, with temperature hitting 38 degrees, the Pan Delta Racing Festival gets on the way. I was scheduled to perform the Toyo Drift Show at 3 sessions throughout Sunday. With AGT, Porsche Carrera Cup, Circuit Hero Class A and Road Car Class and Super Bike Race, it promises to be an exciting weekend.

I had a quick practice on the Saturday evening, after all the practice and qualifying was over, this time I’ll be using the Fairlady Z33, on previous occasion I must admit that it was a little hard to handle, the power don’t seem to balance out with the chassis and the suspension. I mean yeah I can drift with it, but didn’t really had full confidence. This time round, after just 2 donuts and I feel the car was very different, the balance is much better than I anticipated, and I was able drift as I wanted it. After about 20 mins of light drift shake down, we blow the tire and had to finish off the day rolling the car back to the garage with loose rubber slapping the arches.

Sunday, with the 3 session of drift performance between two hours, tire management and fuel management was crucial… (I only had a pair of brand new tires to kill), with new confidence at heart, I took the car to the max. I was hooked with the live audience, the ever-increasing speed, going maximum sideways at the wall, with engine and tire screaming and a wave of tire smoke being blasted into the summer air, the sound of 5000 people cheering you on, I feel the passion through the window as I wave my arm out to acknowledge their passionate voice…

After the show, the team manager came up to me and asked “What the hell did you do, the crowd went crazy…!”, I guess that’s a good show put to an end…

The other races went well, though there were much controversy, but I’m not here to comment on these matter here, if you want to know you know where to find me…

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