Stunning Supra kit…

Just want to post this lovely photo of a Supra bodykit, it’s by GTO racing service.

The works took about 3 months for striping the car, re-works for the chassis and respraying in crazy lemon yellow. (the photo looks like orange I know)

The thing that captured my attention is that it brings a new life to the look of the classic Supra, the shock was like seeing the crazy Veilside kit on the RX7 in F&F Tokyo Drift.

Now if I wasn’t planning to take my Supra drift then I certainly would have paid my deposit for this kit already.

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  1. gustaf rydstrom says:

    where can i get this bodykit ?

    1. tommyhwchan says:

      You can get it in Hong Kong, this kit is a custom built so might not have standing stock, unless the owner made 2 sets… You never know
      I can contact the maker if you’re interested.

      1. Ness says:

        I know it’s been years since this ar tical was written but a paint code or name would be awesome. Looks a lot like mclaren orange. Orange in low light/ yellow in direct light.

      2. tommyhwchan says:

        We will have to check, it was a long while ago.

      3. Nexx says:

        That would be great thanks.

  2. Ness says:

    Forgot to request notification

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