Toyo TRC Trackday @ GIC May 2010′

Toyo TRC Trackday @ GIC May 2010′

Arriving at the hotel at 4am Saturday morning was not ideal, tight travel arrangements combined with our driver getting lost. At least we got there safely. For anyone who plans to book a car and travel more than 100km, especially to a new place, please help yourself to bring a GPS, it only cost RMB300-500, it’ll save you time and hassle for sure.

Morning call 6.30am, meet up, breakfast and head to the new GIC (Guangdong International Circuit). It’s the first time most of us to come here, as we’re the first Hong Kong Motorsport Club to come to this track. The weather was not so kind, it start to bucket down at 8.30am just as we plan to head from the hotel to the track.

I got introduced to the two D1GP Professional drift drivers from Team Toyo Drift; Tatsuya Sakuma and Takahiro Imamura. Having seen them in action through Option DVD and other videos, I have great respect for them already. We didn’t have much time to talk, as we had to get on with our own preparations.

I started with testing one of my team mate’s Chaser, and exchanging ideas on how to do a good time on this new track, as the track was still wet, we drive/drifted around and beyond the tire traction. The car itself was ok, though many parts needs to be improved, but it was a good tool to try out this circuit.

The track I personally thought was a bit weird as about 1/2 the track was made up of 2 pieces of straight, it’s great if you have a hugely powerful and an ok in the corner car. T1-8 is a set of uphill and downhill complex, with 4 switch of gradients all at different scope. Then you’re lead into a ~700m gentle uphill straight, as you approach T9 I becomes a bit downhill, and carried all the way to T13 and exit onto the pit straight. I was comparing my time with another 2 Japanese driver, which I was leading by 2 seconds and the part that caught a lot of the people is T1 leading into T2 chicane style corner, and the exit of T14. Get those right and you’re on for a good time. I think I don’t need to mention how important T8 is right…

Simple tip for GIC

1)     Make sure your braking is nice and late at T1 and T10

2)     The exit of T8 and T13 that you can carry as much speed and you much floor it all the way.

3)     Carry as much speed from T1 to T3 as possible

We had a great show from the Japanese drifters, how they really put the cars to the limit, then we had a big autograph session for Toyo, and all the distributors. The day ended at about 6pm, as we prepare for a big dinner at the hotel. The dinner was to host all the Toyo parties and track day drivers, as the Asian distribution manager for Toyo host for the distributors, as a chance to say thank you for their support. A host of entertainment programs ensued and we all had a great night…. Till 1am, and I was shattered… hahha

Sunday morning was a relatively sunny day, with a bit of overcast. Today’s program was anchored by a mini-race, split into Group A & B following the time attack yesterday. Group B was dominated by Honda with “Lazy Boy” S2000 leading the pack, followed closely by a Civic EK, and EP3 and Golf Gti. Group A was led by a yellow Evo, followed closely by two R35 GTR, (Shame KCR R35 was out of the running due to mechanical problem.) Full report of the races can be found in the major motorsport magazine, I say no more here.

The day finished off with me testing the GTO Toyota Yaris, it was pretty much original, just brake pads and light suspension modification. The car had the tendency to lose corner exit grip with the OEM antiroll bar and tall suspension height. I was surprised by the comfort level offered though. It’s a very easy handling and good to get to the limit car. Everything was predictable, and the torque was very linear.

I just want to finish off with a special thank you to Toyo tires and TRC who made this happened. The 2 D1 drivers, GTO and Yin for the testing and discussions.

See you all again soon.

Video: GIC Testing with GTO Toyota Yaris

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