May 2010′ TC column.

May 2010′ column.

Reaching into the month where the first and second round of HTCC were supposed to happen. Rumors has it that the race might be further postponed. While last month’s Pan Delta Racing Festival was delayed a whole month into late April. I personally will not comment on the root reason why the delay was caused, as it’s just talks on a dead topic, but I hope to put some light to all who actually cares about the motorsport industry as a whole.

The motorsport industry has been around for some 60 years, and to be really honest, it’s not a new type of business that someone has to develop from ground up. You can even find lots of public information on the costing proportion and stuff. So why the hell is it so hard for us to put together a series of races for people to enjoy…?

The cause of the problem is that some of the people involved in organizing the sport are too much into their own good. For the people who are really thinking about the development of motorsports and standing up for it, they get punished for leding the pack. Example is the fatal accident that happened in early 2010’, the case was passed to District Community and Public Relations depart (民政事務局), to represent for the case. Ummm… Motorsport is an expertise in its own right, how would public relation be able to understand what is going on? Rightly so the case is just left hanging. Since January 2010’, the track was closed until further notice.

Until we admit that there is a problem with our own society, we will never wake up and realize the problem, it’s that we pushes the responsibility to one and other. If we don’t light up our passion for the well being for each other, and appreciate other’s free will and contribution. There will be minimal or no more innovation and creation, and we’ll just be the group following the pack.

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